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VeChain-Enabled Carbon Tracking Transforms New Energy Industry

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  • The application of digital carbon footprint management systems is revolutionizing the new energy sector, providing comprehensive solutions for tracking and reducing emissions throughout a product’s lifecycle.
  • Shanghai Exploration Chain’s expert team has developed a user-friendly and sophisticated digital carbon management solution, adhering to international standards and facilitating compliance and sustainable practices for businesses in the new energy industry.

In the previous edition of our series on Product Carbon Footprint Management, we underscored the significant value of managing a product’s carbon footprint. This practice is crucial for businesses aiming to overcome green trade barriers, meet their downstream customers’ needs for carbon footprint accounting and control, align with investors’ ESG disclosure requirements, enhance their brand value, and cater to consumers’ preferences for low-carbon products.

Shanghai Exploration Chain has crafted a digital product carbon footprint management system, addressing the complex and diverse needs of industries and supply chains in data collection, accounting, and analysis. This innovative solution is grounded in the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) framework (ISO14040, ISO14044), the product carbon footprint quantification requirements and guidelines (ISO14067), and also incorporates standards such as the European Union’s Product Environmental Footprint (PEF).

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Part 1: Application in the New Energy Industry

The new energy sector, encompassing photovoltaics, energy storage, power batteries, and new energy vehicles, is actively advancing towards robust product carbon footprint accounting and management, a trend particularly noticeable among exporting companies.

Shanghai Exploration Chain’s digital carbon footprint management system leverages digital technology to track and manage data across various stages of new energy products’ lifecycle, from raw material extraction, manufacturing, to transportation and sales. The system facilitates data collection, storage, and analysis, helping to unveil the potential for carbon reduction, optimize design and production processes, and ultimately reduce the overall lifecycle carbon emissions.

Businesses in the new energy sector adopting this digital solution can quantitatively analyze every stage of their product’s lifecycle. This enables targeted carbon reduction strategies, improves energy and resource utilization rates, and meets the compliance requirements of downstream customers, regulatory authorities, exporting countries, and consumers demanding green product disclosures.

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Customer Case Study 1: Hua Bao New Energy – Energy Storage Battery Carbon Footprint Management

Shanghai Exploration Chain provided Hua Bao New Energy with comprehensive services including carbon footprint consulting, digital system solutions, and carbon reduction planning. Utilizing the VeCarbon Carbon Footprint Management SaaS, the company efficiently managed carbon footprint data and disclosed sustainable information, which facilitated quick market access and bolstered their sustainable development endeavors.

Customer Case Study 2: A Energy Storage Technology Company

This case showcases the application of Shanghai Exploration Chain’s digital platform in calculating product carbon footprints and offering transparent supply chain management services. The company helped their client assess and optimize the environmental friendliness of their products, manage carbon emissions data across multiple supply chain tiers, and meet the compliance requirements of the EU’s new battery legislation.

Customer Case Study 3: A Photovoltaic Component Manufacturer

Shanghai Exploration Chain assisted this manufacturer in disclosing product carbon footprint information and implementing collaborative supply chain carbon footprint management. The digital carbon management solution enabled rapid disclosure of traceability and carbon footprint information on their photovoltaic components, facilitating compliance with international export requirements, enhancing competitiveness, and establishing a responsible and sustainable corporate image on the global stage.

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