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VeChain and Boston Consulting Group Partner to Revolutionize Sustainable Development with Blockchain Biosphere, Targeting Billions

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  • VeChain aims to engage a billion users with a sustainable ‘blockchain biosphere.’
  • Professor Qi Ge shares insights on smart membranes and their potential to revolutionize industry and sustainability.

VeChain’s CTO, Antonio Senatore, recently shared the company’s innovative strategy to bring a billion users onto the blockchain bandwagon. He detailed their unique ‘blockchain biosphere’ approach to sustainable development at the dblockchaindays conference. This groundbreaking initiative, backed by Boston Consulting Group, seeks to construct a cross-industry ecosystem that harnesses data to spawn new forms of value.

At the heart of this approach are token-gating systems and incentives designed to encourage and reward green practices. It aims to eliminate wasteful behaviors and foster real sustainability, using VeChainThor as the lynchpin.

In a compelling editorial, Professor Qi Ge, a distinguished member of VeChain’s Steering Committee, physicist, and 2D Materials researcher, delves into the potential of 2D materials, when combined with the VeChainThor blockchain. This combination, he proposes, could transform technology and global infrastructure, aiding our shift towards a genuinely sustainable economy.

The professor paints a captivating picture of his research into biological membranes, structures whose diverse functions are as impressive as their numbers. Their shared characteristic of selective permeability forms the backbone of his work.

Smart membranes are a new breed of material with immense potential. They can be designed to be more energy efficient than existing technologies, react to environmental changes automatically, and even prevent catastrophic incidents such as battery failures in electric vehicles.

When combined with VeChainThor, the production and performance of these smart membranes can be monitored and verified in real-time, providing invaluable insights into industrial machines’ health and other parameters like gaseous emissions.

Professor Qi Ge is optimistic about smart membranes’ potential to tackle global resource issues. He believes that we can use them to harvest lithium from seawater, harvest hydrogen as a pollution-free energy source, and make desalination processes cheaper and more efficient. The implications for global food security, health, and well-being are profound.

In the future, the professor foresees that smart membranes, together with VeChain’s blockchain technology, will revolutionize computing, solar energy, heat conduction, and energy transmission.

The groundbreaking efforts of VeChain and Professor Qi Ge reflect their commitment to a smarter and sustainable global economy. They aim to position VeChainThor at the heart of a global network of nanomaterials, providing real-time industrial data monitoring and logging.

VeChain, with its global headquarter in San Marino, Europe, is at the forefront of real-world blockchain adoption. With its focus now set on fostering digital ecosystems to drive sustainability and digital transformation at a global scale, VeChain is poised to make waves in the world of technology and sustainability.

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