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VeChain and Authentic8 Partner to Improve Product Authentication and Traceability

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  • employs VeChain’s NFC chips, QR codes, and blockchain for authentication, transparency, and traceability.
  • The partnership between Authentic8 and VeChain enhances traceability and security for clients using VeChain ToolChain.’s Innovative Approach

Exciting developments are emerging from, a leading tech company based in India and Vancouver, Canada, that empowers brands by bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Authentic8 utilizes a blend of VeChain NFC chips, QR codes, and blockchain technology to achieve authentication, transparency, and traceability. Now, with the support of VeChain’s blockchain-as-a-service, Authentic8 takes its solutions to new heights. By leveraging VeChain’s powerful blockchain technology, VeChain ToolChain, Authentic8 provides improved traceability and security for its clients. This highlights the ability of blockchain to enhance and optimize existing technology.

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Blockchain’s Advantages in Business

Blockchain technology, recognized for its security, immutability, and user-friendliness, revolutionizes corporate operations across various industries. Products now possess distinct identities through NFCs and QR codes, which are challenging to replicate. Authentic8 employs blockchain to prevent data duplication or tampering by encrypting and storing information. This enables the demonstration of full provenance and supply chain ownership while maintaining confidentiality.

Authenticity Verification Solution Powered by Blockchain

Blockchain technology is the optimal solution for safeguarding a brand’s integrity and reputation. The integration of technology and product fosters a trust-based ecosystem for customers, facilitated by the verification feature and fostering enhanced brand ownership. While cost, credibility, and trust may be concerns, Authentic8 offers a comprehensive turn-key solution with minimal disruption to the existing supply chain.

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Blockchain Security and Verification

Designed to be impervious to hacking and reprogramming, blockchain technology ensures that data, once encrypted and stored, remains unalterable. This enables brands to authenticate their products before advancing through the supply chain. QR codes and/or NFC chips provide physical authenticity verification using any camera app or a custom app, depending on the brand’s preference.

Effortless Ownership History Verification

Limited edition knockoffs are abundant, making authenticity verification for special editions challenging, particularly in resales or auctions. Authentic8 leverages Blockchain Technology to display ownership transfer information tied to the NFC chip/QR code, making provenance establishment seamless.

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Jack Williams
Jack Williams
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