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VCAP Crowdsale Aims To Produce First Ever Cryptocurrency Funded Film




Vulture Capital plans on producing the first ever cryptocurrency funded film with its VCAP crowdsale.

Vulture Capital, the “cryptocurrency token built upon Ethereum” has announced the launch of an Ethereum based VCAP cryptocurrency crowdsale.

The goal of Vulture Capital is to produce the first film funded by cryptocurrency. 100% of the proceeds will be used for the production of ‘Listen Carefully’. A Vulture Capital representative described the film as a “smart, sinister comedy that gleefully takes on big businesses, the cult of self-improvement and government paranoia.”

In order for production to begin, the company says it must raise at least $3.5 million to $5 million, which is only a portion of their estimated budget. If all goes well, the production of ‘Listen Carefully’ is set to begin this fall (2016), with the release sometime next summer (2017).

Those interested in investing can buy VCAPs on Vulture Capital’s website using Ethereum or Bitcoin. Upon its release, all revenue from the film will go towards repaying VCAP token holders and other investors. VC plans on making every step of the crowdsale, production and release known to all its investors. VC plans on really giving back to its investors and has come up with a list of perks:

Since this is film and half of the fun of investing in film is in the fringe benefits, this is what we offer for anyone who wants to buy lots and lots of VCAPs:

● Over 850ETH or 20BTC – Your name is in the credits at the end of the film.

● Over 2,000ETH or 40BTC – Your name is in the credits at the end of the film and you are invited to attend the premiere.

● Over 4,500 ETH or 80BTC – Your name is in the credits at the end of the film, you are invited to attend the premiere, and you can tour the set during shooting.

● Over 8,500 ETH or 160 BTC – You are listed in the credits at the beginning of the film as an above-line producer, you are invited to attend the premiere, and you can tour the set during shooting.

Constant progress updates will be posted to their website, social media and other industry sites listed on

Michelle Back

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