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US Inflation Dips to 3.2%, Fuels Bitcoin’s Ascent Towards $40K Milestone

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  • The US annual inflation rate, measured by the CPI, fell to 3.2% in October, marking a significant deceleration in inflation.
  • Bitcoin responded positively to this economic shift, targeting a rise to $40,000, as investors grow confident in riskier assets like cryptocurrencies.

A Shift in Economic Winds

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest report showed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) decreasing to 3.2% in October, indicating a notable slowdown in inflation. This downward trend presents a favorable scenario for the Federal Reserve’s ongoing battle against rising prices.

Unpacking the CPI Data

The core consumer price index, excluding volatile food and energy prices, rose by a modest 0.2% from September, reflecting a more subdued inflation landscape. Economists prefer this measure due to its ability to capture underlying inflation trends more accurately. A key factor contributing to this moderation was the decrease in gasoline prices, playing a significant role in tempering overall inflation rates.

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The year-on-year consumer prices increased by 3.2%, slightly down from September’s 3.7% rise and below the predicted 3.3%. The core prices, excluding food and energy, saw a 4.0% increase, marking a slowdown from previous figures.

Market Responses to CPI Figures

Following the CPI announcement, the US Dollar experienced a notable decline, with the US Dollar Index dropping by 0.77% to 104.8. Concurrently, the yield on the 10-year US Treasury bond declined by approximately 3.1%, stabilizing around 4.51%.

Bitcoin’s Bullish Momentum

In response to the inflation data, Bitcoin‘s price rebounded from its low of $36,200, showing signs of positive momentum. The decrease in inflation rates is perceived as an opportunity for increased investments in riskier assets, including cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s role as a ‘digital gold’ and a hedge against inflation gains renewed focus, with investors viewing the current market as an opportune moment to invest before potential price increases.

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Despite a recent stagnation around the $37,000 mark, the latest CPI report has reignited bullish sentiments in the Bitcoin market. Investors, previously focused on the possibility of a spot bitcoin ETF approval, are now encouraged by the CPI data, seeing it as a fresh catalyst for Bitcoin’s growth.


The latest US CPI figures have not only signaled a shift in the economic landscape but also catalyzed a resurgence in the cryptocurrency market, particularly for Bitcoin. As the inflation rate eases, investors are increasingly turning to Bitcoin, anticipating a significant rise in its value in the near future.

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