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US Cities Begin $14,940,000 Basic Income Trials – Will Government Bitcoin (BTC) Airdrop Follow?

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  • Cities across the US unveil basic income trials with a staggering fund of $14.9M.
  • Ann Arbor, Austin, and Philadelphia are among the forerunners, targeting entrepreneurs, homeless individuals, and families in need.

Unpacking the US’s Bold Basic Income Experiments

US cities are steering towards a financial revolution, rapidly embarking on basic income trials. The core intent? To understand the ramifications of distributing no-strings-attached funds to low-income citizens. These endeavors, amassing a total of $14.49 million, are set to shine a spotlight on the tangible impacts of such economic strategies.

Ann Arbor’s Entrepreneur-Centric Approach

Ann Arbor, Michigan stands out with a pilot targeting a unique demographic: entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business proprietors, gig workers, and those indulging in side gigs. A substantial fund of $1.2 million is poised for disbursement among 100 fortunate recipients, who will be randomly chosen. Starting 2024, these individuals will pocket $528 monthly for two years.

However, the eligibility criterion mandates an annual income at, or below, 225% of the established federal poverty threshold. Funding for this initiative emerges from the coffers of the American Rescue Plan Act, courtesy of the Ann Arbor City Council.

Moving southwest to Austin, Texas, a whopping $1.3 million has been earmarked to sustain an ongoing basic income trial. This pilot primarily focuses on individuals grappling with the looming shadows of homelessness or eviction, providing them a monthly respite of $1,000.

Venturing to the east, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has reserved $449,400 for their basic income initiative. The city’s structure is bifurcated: 51 families, presently on temporary financial aid, will be granted $500 each month for a year. Additionally, another set of 239 families are set to benefit with an added $50 monthly.

Lastly, the spotlight sways westward to Santa Clara County, California. A massive allocation of $12 million is slated for distribution across four distinct basic income trials. What’s noteworthy is the county‚Äôs encouraging feedback from an earlier pilot targeting foster youth initiated in 2020.

Beneficiaries from this scheme notably surpassed hurdles, registering substantial enhancements in life quality metrics. Two years post-initiation, tangible upticks were observed in their income consistency, employment rates, housing stability, and even credit scores. Further accentuating the program’s success, numerous participants shared stories of generational upliftment, such as enrolling their children in extracurricular activities or securing jobs that fostered enhanced familial time.

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