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Uphold’s XRP Extravaganza: 50,000 XRP Ready for the Taking

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  • Sweepstakes Upsurge: Uphold magnifies its XRP giveaway to a staggering 50,000 XRP for November, a leap from October’s 20,000 XRP reward.
  • Trade to Win: Participants increase their chances of winning with every $20 trade made on Uphold, with no upper limit to the number of entries.

Uphold, the United States-based cryptocurrency exchange known for its robust support of XRP, has just electrified the crypto community with a colossal announcement. In what appears to be an ambitious increase to their already popular

“XRP Sweepstakes,”

the exchange has elevated the giveaway to a whopping 50,000 XRP for November.

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The November Bounty: A Hefty 50,000 XRP

The giveaway, originally launched in October, initially presented 20,000 XRP to one lucky winner. However, with the advent of November, Uphold has declared that it’s time to up the ante. By more than doubling the previous prize, Uphold is not just making a statement about its confidence in XRP but also about its commitment to rewarding its trading community.

Via a vibrant tweet, the exchange beckoned its users:

“We’ve got 50,000 #XRP up for grabs in November 🎉 Our XRP sweepstakes are back & better than ever! Every $20 you trade earns 1 ENTRY into the draw. The more entries, the better your chances!”

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The rules of engagement remain as clear-cut as they were in October. To vie for the considerable pot of 50,000 XRP, traders are required to “opt-in” for the sweepstakes. After opting in, each transaction of $20 or more propels the trader into the draw, with each qualifying trade acting as a lottery ticket of sorts into the grand drawing.

How to Stake Your Claim

Eligible contenders are those within the crypto-savvy populace of the United States. Uphold has made it clear that the quantity of entries per participant is unlimited — thus, the more you trade, the greater the probability of clinching the grand prize.

Transactions considered for the draw are those that reflect the spirit of trading — that is, genuine exchanges of currency that bring vibrancy to the Uphold platform. Actions such as deposits and withdrawals or simple transfers between Uphold accounts won’t count towards the sweepstakes. It’s the act of trading that’s being incentivized here, fostering a dynamic and engaged trading environment.

As the first round of the sweepstakes concludes, and participants gear up for this unprecedented giveaway, the buzz around Uphold and XRP is palpable. With 50,000 XRP on the line, November promises to be a month of high stakes and even higher anticipation.

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Collin Brown
Collin Brown
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