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Unlocking Potential: How Polygon zkEVM Empowers Game Developers with Immutable Capabilities

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  • Immutable zkEVM is a purpose-built gaming blockchain that offers unique benefits to game developers and players.
  • Immutable Platform boasts an array of comprehensive tools that accelerate the engineering process, facilitating an optimal gaming experience.

Immutable zkEVM: Powering the Next Generation of Web3 Gaming

Blockchain games are evolving, and Immutable zkEVM is leading the charge. Announced at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), this innovative rollup introduced by Immutable in partnership with Polygon aims to revolutionize the web3 gaming landscape.

Immutable’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Alex Connolly, frequently addresses the question of why game developers should choose Immutable zkEVM over other chains. Immutable offers three compelling reasons: superior platform, tailor-made blockchain, and an influential ecosystem within the web3 gaming space.

Unparalleled Advantages of Immutable’s Platform

Immutable provides a robust platform, armed with a range of tools specifically designed to facilitate the creation of mainstream-ready web3 games. While many blockchains boast protocol-level innovations, these advancements mean little without reliable and comprehensive tools that provide an excellent end-to-end user experience.

Take for instance the Immutable Passport. It sets itself apart from other custodial wallet solutions by offering an enhanced transaction experience that can easily be compared to traditional platforms like Google or Apple. Furthermore, Passport travels with users across the entire Immutable ecosystem, offering seamless fund availability across games and marketplaces, reducing purchase friction significantly.

Immutable Checkout is another feature aimed at making transactions easier by eradicating purchase friction. It provides a smoother experience across all web3 wallets and enhances user safety, effectively reducing the frequency of scams and hacks.

Moreover, Immutable’s platform houses a powerful suite of development tools to turbocharge your engineering team. These include enforceable royalties for games, a powerful Indexer, a global order book and marketplace network, economy tooling for efficient game management, and much more. Immutable is committed to ensuring that its product development continually improves games across the platform, providing massive economies of scale.

A Gaming-Specific Blockchain: Immutable zkEVM

Immutable zkEVM is purpose-built for gaming, unlike most general-purpose chains. It is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chain, harnessing the vast network effects of the EVM ecosystem, including a wide array of games, tools, marketplaces, and a large pool of developers proficient in writing production-grade smart contracts.

Security is a prime concern, and Immutable zkEVM’s design as an Ethereum zk-rollup provides long-term security advantages. With the help of Polygon Zero, Immutable zkEVM offers full Ethereum-equivalent benefits without requiring developers to modify their Ethereum contracts.

Another smart design decision is the use of Polygon Edge as the client software for the chain. Customized by Immutable, Edge facilitates high performance and throughput comparable to Polygon PoS.

As we move forward, the initial phase will have Immutable as the only sequencer on Immutable zkEVM. However, the future promises inclusion of more validators, providing a balance between scalability and decentralization.

Unmatched Impact of Immutable’s Ecosystem

The size and influence of the Immutable ecosystem is another significant advantage. It offers a powerful network effect by already having over 150 high-quality games committed to its ecosystem. This creates a beneficial snowball effect, making the ecosystem more attractive for participants, amplifying user reach, enhancing marketplace support, fostering innovative economy mechanics, and facilitating marketing campaigns.

Choosing the right chain and ecosystem is vital. While the initial wave of blockchain gaming was driven by grants or marketing hype, the real long-term growth potential lies in ecosystem traction and powerful platform tools, which Immutable zkEVM offers in abundance.

Building your game on Immutable zkEVM not only gives developers a purpose-built gaming blockchain and a world-class platform toolset but also the reassurance of being part of the most prominent ecosystem in web3 games. With a simple goal of bringing mainstream-quality games with blockchain asset ownership, Immutable zkEVM is the future of web3 gaming.

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