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U.S. Government Shutdown Threatens BlackRock’s and Fidelity’s Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval – Will It Affect BTC Price?

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  • SEC Chair, Gary Gensler, warns of a skeleton crew and disrupted oversight in the event of a U.S. government shutdown.
  • Crypto ETF decisions, among other regulatory actions, face potential delays and uncertainties.

SEC on the Brink of Reduced Functionality Amid Shutdown Concerns

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the premier financial regulatory body, could find its operations severely hampered if the U.S. government faces a shutdown. Gary Gensler, the SEC Chair, relayed concerns that his agency might operate with significantly reduced staff, potentially crippling normal market oversight.

Navigating an Uncertain Terrain

The backdrop to this looming crisis is the potential shutdown of the U.S. government. Reports suggest that, come October 1, government functions could grind to a halt if necessary bills to fund operations aren’t ratified in time for the next fiscal year.

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Gensler, expressing concerns about the situation, mentioned,

“The public should understand that we will largely be a skeletal staff … so the normal oversight we have on markets will not be possible.”

This essentially means that while markets might continue to operate, they would do so without the watchful eyes of the SEC.

A potential shutdown also threatens the SEC’s ability to process filings, including those from firms seeking to go public. This could present a significant bottleneck for companies, especially those in the crypto arena. Gensler’s statements shed light on the possible ramifications on crypto-specific decisions, notably the verdict on several Bitcoin spot ETFs expected in mid-October. Even without a shutdown, there could be postponements, but a shutdown almost assures such delays.

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History offers a precedent here. The late 2018 to early 2019 government shutdown, lasting a staggering 35 days, resulted in severely limited SEC operations and an accumulation of backlogs.

Crypto in the Crossfire

The potential implications of a shutdown aren’t limited to traditional financial sectors. The crypto realm, with its heightened attention and surging investor interest, could feel the pinch too. Decisions related to crypto ETFs, regulatory clarifications, and other related matters might face inevitable delays.

Moreover, while it’s evident that scheduled decisions could be postponed, those slated for after the shutdown might also experience delays due to accumulated backlogs.

Enforcement actions present another layer of complexity. During the previous government shutdown, federal courts remained operational. So, prominent SEC cases like those involving Coinbase and Binance might proceed without much disruption. Yet, a trimmed-down staff could potentially hinder the SEC’s capacity to initiate new investigations.

Intriguingly, these challenges emerge just as whispers circulate about the SEC possibly broadening its enforcement horizons.

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