Track ethereum address twitter

A new project called EtherMeUp lets users track their Ethereum accounts using twitter.

Twitter is now a useful tool to search for pertinent information. EMU (EtherMeUp) will use their search for tracking Ether addresses. The project announced that they are in a “delicate stage but will be growing to become better and stronger with more interest.” 

Users can now log into their Twitter accounts and send tweets:

Just Tweet

  • To add an ethereum account to track tweet: @etherMeUp #EMUadd [put_ethereum_address_here]  
    i.e. @etherMeUp #EMUadd 0xb794F5eA0ba39494cE839613fffBA74279579268
  • To unfollow an ethereum account tweet: @etherMeUp #EMUdel [put_ethereum_address_here]  
    i.e. @etherMeUp #EMUdel 0xb794F5eA0ba39494cE839613fffBA74279579268

Tweet and Follow

These responses are sent via DM so you need to follow @etherMeUp in order to receive them.

  • To get a list of accounts you are following tweet: @etherMeUp #EMUlist  
    i.e. @etherMeUp #EMUlist
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