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TON Blockchain Shatters Records with Unprecedented Transaction Speed

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  • TON Blockchain achieved a world record speed with 108,409 transactions per second (TPS) during a 12-minute public test, surpassing all existing blockchain networks.
  • The rapid increase in the Toncoin cryptocurrency value was linked to the launch of the TON wallet in the Telegram messenger, attracting significant market attention.

The TON Blockchain, operated by the Telegram team, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in blockchain technology, setting a new world record for transaction speed. During a 12-minute public testing phase, the network successfully processed approximately 42 million transactions, achieving a maximum speed of 108,409 transactions per second (TPS).

In a detailed breakdown of the experiment, the developers reported that 43,012,970 transactions were sent across a test network comprising 256 validators, all within a span of 11 minutes. To put these numbers into perspective, the TON Blockchain’s performance drastically outpaces that of other major blockchain networks; Bitcoin processes 5-7 TPS, Ethereum handles 15 TPS, and even the previous record holder, Solana, reaches only 65,000 TPS.

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A Paradigm Shift in Blockchain Speed and Efficiency

With this unprecedented level of performance, TON now stands as the world’s fastest blockchain, consistently processing 104,715 transactions per second. This remarkable achievement not only showcases the technical prowess of the TON network but also signals a paradigm shift in what is possible for blockchain speed and efficiency.

The implications of such a rapid transaction processing capability are profound, offering potential for significantly faster and more efficient decentralized applications, reduced network congestion, and enhanced overall user experience on blockchain networks.

Simultaneously, the value of Toncoin, the cryptocurrency associated with the TON Blockchain, has seen a noteworthy uptick. At the time of writing, Toncoin is trading near $2.18, marking a 3.14% increase. This positive price movement can be attributed to the successful launch of the TON wallet in the Telegram messenger earlier in September, a development that brought Toncoin to the brink of the $3 mark and propelled it into the top ten digital assets by market capitalization.

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The integration of the TON wallet within Telegram has opened up access to TON Space for all Telegram Wallet users, further broadening the reach and utility of the TON Blockchain. Despite these advancements, it’s worth noting that access to the self-storage wallet feature will be unavailable in the USA and certain other countries.

As the TON network continues to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, the crypto community is left to wonder what other innovations and developments may be on the horizon, and how they will shape the future of decentralized networks and digital currencies.

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