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These Are the 31 Projects Presenting at Demo Day




31 projects have been confirmed to present at Demo Day (Sept. 22) this year!

The International Blockchain Week is the biggest event in the blockchain industry.

The event is made up of DEVCON 2 (Sept. 19-21), Demo Day (Sept. 22), and the Global Blockchain Summit (Sept. 23-24). Although full schedules for DEVCON 2 and the Blockchain Summit were released on several news sites, Demo Day’s official agenda was in a gray area. Until now...

ETHNews received a list from ChainB, the event's host, confirming those making an appearance at Demo Day. Below is an overview of the 31 confirmed projects that will present this year (2016). 

Decentralized Capital “Decentralized Capital (DC) provides users with a secure, convenient way to bring Dollars, Euros, and other [government-backed] currencies onto and off of the Ethereum network. DC converts cash deposits into DC Assets, a form of digital currency that is secured by the Ethereum network and collateralized by these customer deposits. Users can transact with DC Assets for products and services on the Ethereum blockchain, gaining the benefits of familiarity and price stability of the national currency they represent.”

DeVita“A Decentralized Bounty Solution Market that enhance[s] your portfolio.” 

VeChain “As BlockChain technology as core, VeChain provides a product verification and transparent supply chain solution to the Manufacturers and Brands against counterfeiting around the world. Consumers and Customers are able to have visibility to the products themselves including origins, materials, designing concepts, Brand stories and etc.” 

DGXDigix provides a use case for the tokenisation and documentation of physical assets through its Proof of Asset (PoA) protocol. The PoA protocol utilises Ethereum and the InterPlanetary 1 Files System (IPFS) to track an asset through its chain of custody. This allows for the open and 2 public verification of an asset’s existence without a centralised database.”

Benefactory “An ethereum based app that lets individuals come together to fund a common cause. A mixture of crowdfunding combined with charity and social good.”


WeiFund“WeiFund leverages web3 enabled technology to provide a comprehensive crowdfunding solution on the Ethereum ecosystem.” 

BoardRoom“The BoardRoom apparatus provides a complete blockchain governance platform that empowers organizations with the power of the blockchain. ”

Velocity“Velocity is an automated system for hedging risk on asset prices. It allows anyone to establish and participate in a marketplace on publicly accessible price feeds. The platform enables hedgers and speculators to take part in a market that reduces the threat of systemic risk.” 

Fluent“Fluent is the enterprise blockchain network for financial institutions and global enterprises. Solutions and applications on the network are designed to increase efficiency, provide flexibility, and enhance collaboration across global supply chains.”

Virtue Poker

Stable Coin

Ujo Music – “We are building a service that allows you to manage your artistic identity, your music and licensing on your own terms. We are starting small, with music, onboarding eager, forward-looking artists to empower sustainable creativity.”

PassLFix“The Blockchain technology allows us to send assets in a Peer-to-Peer trustless way. So why not develop an Internet of Things in the same way we developed an Internet of Information, an Internet of Communication and an Internet of Values? Furthermore, creating a Peer-to-peer C2C transportation system of objects is a way to share work and economic value inside a growing Community.”

BitPagos“With Ripio anyone can buy and sell bitcoins in local currency or else store them safely. Ripio users can also request a credit line to finance their payments in installments.”



uPort “Self-sovereign identity and key management leveraging the power of Ethereum and Blockchain technology”

Trusted Key

Cora Legacy

Ethan BIoT (Blockchainfirst) – “Ethan IoT Platform is a full-stack soft- and hardware Platform for the Blockchain. It solves challenges of reliability, scalability, security and remote management which are common to all verticals, control of devices e.g. Door Locks, home automation, automotive and lot more.”

ANX Blockchain Services“ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) is a cloud platform which allows its customers to generate customised digital assets, digital wallets, and branded exchange platforms.”

BIX Exchange


Token Factory


AltaApps (Cardano Labo) – “The Alta Apps series (distributed tools and services) has implemented cryptocurrecy into its services, and is now preparing the infrastructure to conduct its vast marketing operation. Alta Apps’ technology was developed independently, employing no specific cryptocurrency protocol. Also through our self-developed cross-chain technology, we can seemlessly connect people, people and services.”



Bubi Block ChainBubi block chain has been widely used in digital assets, equity bonds, trade finance, supply chain traceability, business integration, joint credit, public notary, data security and other fields, and ongoing application and exchanges, banks and other mainstream financial institutions trials and tests.(Translated from their official website.)

Zhong Topia 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Michelle Back

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