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The VeChain-Harvard Brainchild Set to Revolutionize a Billion-Dollar Niche

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  • VeChain partners with Harvard and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for an innovative hackathon.
  • Over 200 elite developers, from companies like Meta and Google, come together to drive sustainable solutions on VeChainThor.

A recent article by, alongside tweets from blockchain enthusiasts, shed light on the groundbreaking collaboration between VeChain, Harvard, and other prominent entities. Collin Brown’s tweet highlights the success and momentum of PropelPixel’s partnership with VeChain and the educational app EasyA.

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Similarly, another tweet from Win underscores the potential of VeChain’s project, VeHealth, to utilize smart contracts for lowering health insurance premiums.

VeChain’s reputation as a foremost enterprise-grade public blockchain only grows stronger with its forthcoming hackathon at Harvard. This event is a collaboration with BCG and EasyA, a Web3 educational mobile app. The goal is to enhance the development of sustainable decentralized apps on VeChainThor.

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Selection and Significance

Out of over 10,000 participants in the #60Daysofvechain campaign, 200 elite developers, originating from tech giants like Meta, Google, and Coinbase, and from esteemed institutions like Harvard and Princeton, have been chosen. The hackathon will not only involve coding but will feature a “Shark Tank” segment, where students can compete for cash rewards. This event aims to highlight the VORJ tool of VeChain, which facilitates users in deploying smart contracts effortlessly.

Sunny Lu, VeChain’s CEO, comments on the importance of this initiative, stating that developers today shape tomorrow’s business world. By offering tools to simplify Web3 development, VeChain accelerates blockchain adoption, demonstrating its potential as a significant change catalyst.

A Glimpse into the Hackathon Details

The hackathon’s venue is the state-of-the-art Science and Engineering Complex at Harvard, representing a $1.2 billion investment. This event will see keynote addresses from Sunny Lu of VeChain and Dr. Bernhard Kronfellner of BCG.

The hackathon’s structure will have EasyA initiating it with the #60Daysofvechain series on their mobile app. This aims to equip developers with comprehensive knowledge about VeChain’s tools and ecosystem. Furthermore, there will be talks and workshops, with BCG presenting one track focusing on the areas where blockchain can make a considerable impact. In contrast, VeChain’s track will guide participants in exploring and implementing their blockchain solutions.

After the workshops and introductory talks, the hackathon will progress with 36 hours of relentless coding. This culmination will see developers presenting their projects to a panel of experts, competing for a slice of the $40,000 prize pool.

In sum, this collaboration, combining the expertise of Harvard, VeChain, and other industry giants, promises a seismic shift in the realm of blockchain, fostering innovation and solidifying VeChain’s position at the forefront of blockchain technology.

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