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The Spirit Of Giving With Griff Green: Exclusive Interview On The Comment




Globetrotting altruism enthusiast Griff Green talks the DAO hack, the Parity freeze, the "white hat" style of giving, and his own holiday gift list with Sy Franco-Stern on The Comment. From Catalonia to the Black Rock Desert, this evangelist for a gifting economy explains the decentralized governance made possible by Giveth.

Griff Green snagged his first bitcoins when they were five bucks each. Infatuated by the cryptosphere, he dropped everything and retired young to travel the world.

But when malicious actors attacked the DAO, Griff and the white hat hackers moved in to save stolen funds. Now, bitten by the altruism bug, he heads up Giveth with other like-minded and impassioned supporters of gift economy, from Burning Man to Catalonia. Here, interviewed by Sy Franco-Stern for The Comment, Green explains how Parity's wallets got frozen, and what he is excited for Ethereum and blockchain in 2018.

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