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The Phoenix Proposition: SEC’s Gensler Suggests FTX Could Rise Again Under Lawful Leadership

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  • SEC Chairman Gary Gensler acknowledges the potential for FTX’s resurgence under legally compliant management.
  • Legal operations and investor trust are crucial for any such revival, amid the backdrop of founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s conviction for fraud.

In the wake of FTX’s tumultuous downfall, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has signaled a path to redemption for the beleaguered crypto exchange. Speaking at DC Fintech Week, Gensler proposed that with the right leadership dedicated to upholding the law, FTX might regain its foothold in the industry.

A New Era for FTX?

The possibility of reviving FTX under new stewardship hinges on adherence to legal frameworks, Gensler asserted. The collapse of FTX sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency world, highlighting the perils of unchecked and opaque financial practices within the industry. Its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, recently faced a guilty verdict on several counts, including fraud, painting a stark picture of the consequences of regulatory evasion.

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Gensler’s comments come amid reports that Tom Farley, the former NYSE president and head of the nascent digital asset exchange Bullish, is poised as a potential successor to lead FTX out of bankruptcy. Farley’s reputable market background offers a glimmer of hope for FTX’s institutional rehabilitation.

“If Tom or anybody else wanted to be in this field, I would say, ‘Do it within the law,'”

remarked Gensler. He emphasized the necessity for transparent disclosures, avoidance of conflicts of interest, and the proper handling of customer assets as non-negotiables for FTX’s new chapter.

The SEC chair drew a parallel with traditional financial institutions, noting that activities like trading against customers and commingling funds are strictly forbidden.

“We would never let the New York Stock Exchange also operate a hedge fund and trade against their members or trade against customers in the market,”

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he explained, shedding light on the clear boundaries expected in regulated markets.

The interconnectedness of FTX and its sister hedge fund, Alameda Research, which allegedly misused customer funds, exemplifies the type of entanglements that regulators like Gensler aim to prevent. A reset for FTX, therefore, demands a stringent separation of powers, a principle long upheld in established financial ecosystems.

As the industry reflects on FTX’s implosion and the dubious relationship between the exchange and Alameda, the SEC’s stance is unequivocal. For any reconstitution of FTX, or the advent of new entities within the crypto space, the message is clear: Legal compliance is the bedrock upon which investor confidence is built, and without it, no enterprise can hope to succeed in the long run.

FTX’s tale is a cautionary one, emphasizing the urgent need for crypto actors to align with international sanctions and anti-money laundering laws. As the SEC maintains its vigilance, companies operating within the U.S. and abroad are reminded that the rule of law is not a mere suggestion—it’s the foundation of market integrity and investor protection.

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Jane Smith
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