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The Golden Alliance: Can NaturesGold’s Partnership with Chainlink Propel a LINK Surge?

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  • NaturesGold Token joins the Chainlink BUILD program to promote the adoption of tokenized in-ground gold deposits and to enhance ecosystem growth.
  • By tokenizing gold reserves, NaturesGold Token seeks to revolutionize the gold industry and promote environmental conservation, while also capitalizing on Chainlink’s robust oracle infrastructure.

A Golden Leap in Blockchain Sustainability: NaturesGold Token Partners with Chainlink

In a move bound to reshape the landscape of blockchain-based environmental solutions, NaturesGold Token has officially teamed up with the Chainlink BUILD program. The collaboration promises to expedite the growth of an ecosystem centered around the tokenization of in-ground gold deposits, all while enjoying the superior oracle services and technical aid offered by Chainlink.

Being part of the BUILD program allows NaturesGold Token to contribute network fees and other perks to the Chainlink community and service providers, thereby enhancing cryptoeconomic security. This strategic partnership marks an important milestone in NaturesGold Token’s journey, demonstrating its unwavering faith in the capabilities of Chainlink.

Tokenizing Gold Reserves: A Path Toward Environmental Conservation

Gold mining, with its myriad of environmental implications, from deforestation to carbon dioxide emissions, has long been a matter of grave concern. Ironically, nearly half of the mined gold is virtually traded, stored in vaults, untouched. NaturesGold Token seizes this issue, turning it into an innovative solution that pairs financial growth with environmental preservation.

The platform leverages tokenization to represent in-ground gold deposits, empowering users to gain the monetary benefits of gold without the need for physical mining. Each minted NaturesGold Token corresponds to quantifiable in-ground gold deposits. By circumventing the traditional mining process, the platform takes a pioneering step toward reducing environmental harm and preserving the earth’s natural resources.

The Synergistic Partnership with Chainlink

The partnership with Chainlink BUILD amplifies the potential of NaturesGold Token, ensuring robust security and reliability in tokenizing gold deposits. Benefits of the collaboration include integration of Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve, which serves to validate gold deposit reports, and Chainlink Automation, a key tool for reliably executing core functions.

In addition to these, NaturesGold Token will also gain early access to alpha and beta releases of new Chainlink products. To reciprocate these advantages, 4% of NaturesGold’s native token supply will be allocated to Chainlink service providers, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the two communities.

Phil Rickard, Founder/CEO of Nature’s Vault, expressed his enthusiasm,

“We’re thrilled to join Chainlink BUILD to gain access to industry-leading Web3 services, technical support, and a robust cryptoeconomic model that empowers us to build a protocol for tokenizing in-ground gold deposits with greater security assurances and transparency.”

NaturesGold Token, with its innovative approach, is not merely a digital asset. It represents a profound commitment to shaping the future of our planet, allowing investors to align their financial pursuits with their environmental values, truly making it a golden opportunity for all.

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