Ethereum devcon3 Cancun Mexico

The Ethereum Foundation has announced the details of Devcon3, the developers’ conference. The third-annual Devcon will take place this November 1-4, 2017, in Cancun, Mexico.

While the Ethereum Foundation’s Devcon is meant to be “a conference by developers for developers,” they welcome anyone interested in Ethereum to attend.

Anyone looking to learn more about the research and development being done on the Ethereum platform, and its surrounding tools and technologies, should consider attending.

The Ethereum Foundation’s description of Devcon reads:

“Once a year, the Foundation’s own team of developers and researchers emerge from their dev caves to present and discuss their most current work and innovations. They are joined by guest speakers who represent key contributors, collaborators, partners, peers and colleagues from the greater Ethereum community.”

Devcon1 was held in London, England and Devcon2 was held in Shanghai, China. Considering the first two Devcons were so well received, it’s likely a safe bet that Devcon3 will be a sellout event.

Event information, including ticket pricing, will be released as Devcon3 nears.

For more details, visit the official Devcon3 save-the-date site.

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