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Tether Responds to Demand: Ceasing New $USDt Issuance on OmniLayer, BCH-SLP, and Kusama

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  • Tether discontinues support for Kusama, Bitcoin Cash SLP, and Omni Layer.
  • RGB development progresses, promising unparalleled scalability for Bitcoin’s Layer 2 and 3.

Embracing the Winds of Change

The inherent dynamism of the blockchain landscape demands evolution for sustained relevance. Tether, as a key player in the stablecoin ecosystem, consistently reevaluates its strategies to remain at the forefront. Central to this approach is gauging community interest, which plays a pivotal role in Tether’s decision to bring USD₮ to specific blockchains.

Deductive reasoning reveals that a blockchain’s viability is not merely its technical prowess, but its real-world traction. Should a blockchain show declining usage over time without signs of resurgence, its maintainability comes under scrutiny. Such metrics, when combined with factors like security, customer support, and regulatory compliance, shape the trajectory of Tether’s alignment with various blockchains.

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This methodical analysis led Tether to its recent decision to discontinue support for three blockchains: Kusama, Bitcoin Cash SLP, and Omni Layer. This move, especially concerning Omni — Tether’s initial transport layer in 2014 — might appear startling to some. However, the Omni Layer, albeit significant in Tether’s formative years, encountered challenges with diminished token variety and a shift of USD₮ to other blockchains. The outcome? A decline in USD₮ usage on Bitcoin via the Omni Layer.

Bitcoin’s Layered Potential: RGB on the Horizon

While Tether acknowledges Omni’s contributions, it’s crucial to note that innovation doesn’t stem from nostalgia but forward-thinking. And Tether’s eyes are set on the future. A testament to this is Tether’s ardent belief in Bitcoin, the most secure, audited, and decentralized blockchain.

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In parallel, the company is fueling the development of RGB — a cutting-edge, client-side validated state and smart contract system. Designed for Bitcoin’s Layer 2 and 3, RGB promises to redefine scalability. It operates both on-chain and via the Lightning Network, envisaging a seismic shift in how digital assets, smart contracts, and digital rights are perceived and utilized. When USD₮ integrates with RGB, it will symbolize a convergence of Tether’s vision and Bitcoin’s scalability.

In closing, Tether’s roadmap isn’t etched based on fleeting trends but profound market understanding. As they halt minting USD₮ on the aforementioned chains from 17th August 2023, redemptions and swaps will remain uninterrupted for at least a year. Platforms like Bitfinex will facilitate these swaps, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Tether’s commitment to adaptability, user-centricity, and innovation remains unshaken. As the crypto landscape evolves, so will Tether, fostering a brighter future for stablecoin adoption.

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