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Terra Projects Shine Bright: Cosmos DeFi Thrive, Carbon lists first Alliance Assets and Warp Protocol Launches on Testnet

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  • Orbital Command takes over Terra Weekly, paving the way for novel advancements in the Terra blockchain community.
  • The organization highlights two critical developments: the introduction of cross-chain staking in the Cosmos app-chain and the testing of the Warp Protocol by Astroport.

In a fascinating twist, Terra Weekly has transitioned under the stewardship of Orbital Command, a renowned entity in the blockchain ecosystem. This significant shift promises to bring a fresh perspective and innovation to Terra Weekly, a platform initially launched by @Deebs_DeFi in June 2022. The commitment from Orbital Command is unmistakable, with firm intentions to live up to the community’s expectations.

As an initial indication of their futuristic vision, Orbital Command has spotlighted two major advancements within the Terra blockchain community. The first involves the implementation of cross-chain staking in the Cosmos app-chain ecosystem. With the adoption of cross-chain staking by @Migaloo_Zone, @0xcarbon has now become the second Cosmos app-chain to incorporate this advanced feature, signaling a new wave of interoperability and synergy between blockchain networks.

Cross-chain staking is a game-changer in the blockchain space. It is a mechanism that allows digital assets to be staked (locked in a contract to earn rewards) on one blockchain while still being available for use on another. This significantly improves the liquidity and usability of the staked assets. Furthermore, Orbital Command presents an intriguing question to the Terra community – would it be beneficial to redirect a 3% share of $LUNA staking rewards to promote Alliance cross-chain staking between Terra and other Cosmos app-chains?

The hint towards an affirmative response indicates a potential revolution in the reward system.

In another captivating development, the implementation of the Warp Protocol is currently undergoing testing by the @astroport_fi builders. Warp Protocol, a DeFi tool, provides a means to generate liquidity from staked assets without disturbing their staking rewards. The Astroport team’s initiative to test a limit order system powered by Warp Protocol on the Terra testnet underlines the progressive drive towards creating a more efficient, effective, and versatile ecosystem.

These developments not only underline the dynamic evolution of the Terra blockchain community under the leadership of Orbital Command but also emphasize the relentless pursuit of innovation and the zeal for exploring uncharted territories. As Orbital Command embarks on this new journey, the Terra community and the wider blockchain world keenly await the forthcoming advancements that promise to redefine the cosmos of blockchain technology.

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