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Terra Luna Classic Launches Bug Bounty Program, Fueling Speculation: Is LUNC Heading Towards $0.001?

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  • Terra Luna Classic’s core developer group, Joint L1 Task Force (L1TF), has announced a bug bounty program, inviting participants to identify and report network vulnerabilities.
  • With the launch of this program, speculation is rife about a possible increase in the value of Terra Luna Classic’s native cryptocurrency, LUNC.

The Joint L1 Task Force (L1TF), a community-supported core developer group for Terra Luna Classic, has put forth a bug bounty program. This initiative invites developers, ethical hackers, and security researchers to uncover and report potential vulnerabilities in the Terra Luna Classic network. All bounty rewards will be funded by the L1TF, using donations it has received from the community.

Terra Luna Classic Bug Bounty Program: A Dive into the Details

LuncBurnArmy, the project manager of the Joint L1 Task Force, publicized on Twitter that Proposal 11602, or the “Luna Classic Bug Bounty Incentive Program,” is open for voting. As the developer group aims to decrease the circulating supply of LUNC and USTC in Q3, it’s keen to shed light on any bugs that might be lurking in the Terra Luna Classic network, particularly following recent upgrades.

The implementation of a bug bounty program stands to bolster security and stabilize the network while fostering collaboration, enhancing functionality, and rewarding contributors for identifying and reporting vulnerabilities. The L1TF has initially planned to allocate 50 million LUNC for Q3 to fund the bounty program.

This initiative welcomes participation from community members, independent developers, and security experts, stipulating that participants adhere to ethical standards and legal guidelines. This includes refraining from publicizing vulnerabilities and avoiding malicious activities.

Rewards planned under this proposal encompass a variety of scenarios, including rewards for confirmed station bugs and security vulnerabilities, with additional rewards offered for developing patches. The reward scale ranges from 150,000 LUNC to a whopping 20 million LUNC for ‘day-zero’ critical security vulnerabilities with an approved patch.

The proposal has so far received unanimous support from the Terra Luna Classic community and validators. Well-known validators such as JESUSisLORD, Lunanauts, and DFLunc have voted in favor, with the community acknowledging the necessity of enhanced network security amidst ongoing developments.

Amidst this backdrop, discussions have begun around the potential impact of this initiative on LUNC prices, which are currently trading at $0.000087. With trading volume increasing over the past 24 hours and LUNC’s price showing signs of bouncing back, the launch of this program could potentially spur a bullish momentum, leading to a short-term recovery of LUNC’s price to $0.0001, and potentially $0.001 in the long term.

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