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Terra Founder’s Betrayal: Discord Chat Reveals Fraudulent Activity

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  • Terra founder, Do Kwon, caught in a fraud confession through a leaked Slack message regarding fake transactions tied to a 2019 partnership with Chai Corporation.
  • The SEC alleges replication of falsified Chai payments on the Terra blockchain to mislead about Terra’s payment processing capabilities, propelling a request for Kwon’s extradition from Montenegro where he is held for passport forgery.

Unveiling A Digital Deception

The enthralling world of blockchain has been dealt a significant blow, as Terra founder, Do Kwon, finds himself embroiled in a scandal following the leak of a Slack message confessing to fraud. As an expert in blockchain, the nuances of this case offer a poignant illustration of ethics clashing with digital ingenuity.

Documents from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveal an unsettling conversation between Kwon and his co-founder, Daniel Shin. It’s during this exchange that Kwon admits,

“I can simply create fake transactions that look real,”

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relating to their partnership with payment service provider, Chai Corporation, back in 2019. The audacity to manipulate digital transactions highlights a dark underbelly of the crypto world, often deemed impenetrable.

The saga deepens with Kwon assuring the possibility of rendering these falsified transactions


ending the conversation on a conspiratorial note—

“I won’t tell if you won’t.”

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The leak exposes a realm where technological prowess can potentially morph into a tool for deception.

The allegations by the SEC don’t stop at the fraudulent admission. It’s asserted that Kwon and Shin forged Chai payments and replicated them on the Terra blockchain, a machination aimed at painting a false narrative that Terra was facilitating these payments. This facade was meticulously crafted to bolster trust and attract users, underscoring the vital essence of integrity in blockchain operations.

Currently, Kwon faces confinement in Montenegro due to passport forgery, while the SEC ardently presses for his extradition to the U.S. The legal tug-of-war ensuing showcases a high-stakes dance between national jurisdictions and the blockchain world’s often borderless nature.

The Terra scandal unfurls a cautionary tale within the blockchain cosmos, shedding light on the razor’s edge between innovation and integrity, a narrative that stakeholders within and beyond the crypto sphere would dissect for lessons and legislative foresight.

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith
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