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Terra Classic L1JTF Unleashes V2.1.0 Testnet Upgrade, Propelling LUNC Towards Cosmos and Luna 2.0 Parity

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    • Terra Classic L1JTF executes a successful dress rehearsal upgrade of the rebel-2 testnet to v2.1.0, signaling smooth progression towards the goal of parity with Cosmos and Luna 2.0.
    • If the upcoming governance voting approves the mainnet upgrade to v2.1.0, Terra Classic will update the Cosmwasm framework to v1.1.0, allowing developers from other blockchains to integrate their projects.

Terra Classic’s Layer-1 Joint Task Force (L1JTF) has achieved a notable milestone by successfully completing a “dress rehearsal” upgrade of the rebel-2 testnet to v2.1.0. This development marks a critical step in Terra Classic’s objective to achieve parity with Cosmos and Luna 2.0 networks.

The Q2 development work undertaken by the L1JTF continues to move forward without significant hitches, as confirmed by project manager LuncBurnArmy (LBA). This adherence to the scheduled upgrade, originally set for May 31, underlines the team’s commitment to meet their established targets.

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This testnet upgrade serves a crucial role as a “dress rehearsal,” allowing the development team to identify and address any potential issues before implementing it on the mainnet. With the testnet upgrade completed successfully, the team is set to release the results for community discussion, before drafting a proposal for the mainnet upgrade.

LBA emphasizes the importance of establishing the governance proposal by June 7. This timeline would provide the community with sufficient time to vote on the proposal before June 14, the scheduled date for the mainnet upgrade.

The successful transition of LUNC’s mainnet to v2.1.0, contingent upon governance voting approval, would initiate the update of the Cosmwasm framework to v1.1.0. Such an upgrade would bring Terra Classic in alignment with the Cosmos and Luna 2.0 blockchains, enabling developers on these platforms to migrate their projects to LUNC and enhance Terra Classic’s utility.

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This key testnet upgrade follows the L1 team’s decision to reschedule the mainnet upgrade to allow for additional testing. As reported by The Crypto Basic, the team also proposed an increase in the minimum commission rate for validators on the Terra Classic network.

LBA’s recent remarks reveal that this feature has been incorporated into the v2.1.0 upgrade. Following the successful mainnet upgrade to v2.1.0, all LUNC validators will be required to set their fees to 5% or higher. This change prevents validators from competing unfairly by offering lower rates and ensures a level playing field on the network.

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