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Terra Classic Community Votes to Repeal Controversial Pay-Per-Job Proposal

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  • Terra Luna Classic’s community votes on repealing Proposal 11889, known as the Pay-Per-Job (PPJ) proposal.
  • The controversial proposal has led to a stalemate and discord among validators, prompting a push for its repeal.

Unraveling the Terra Classic Pay-Per-Job Controversy

In recent news, the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) community has found itself at the center of a significant debate surrounding Proposal 11889, commonly referred to as the Pay-Per-Job (PPJ) proposal. This controversial proposal, introduced earlier, has raised concerns and led to a heated discussion among Terra Luna Classic validators. Now, the community is voting on its repeal, as it is seen as a potential hindrance to the platform’s progress and development.

The Motivation for Repeal

Validator LuncLive has taken the initiative to present Proposal 12013, titled

“Repeal Proposal 11889 PPJ,”

for a community vote on the Station wallet platform. The voting deadline is set for February 5, and its primary objective is to repeal the existing pay-per-job and governance-ruled job proposal. The rationale behind this move is the belief that Proposal 11889 has sowed confusion, uncertainty, and dissent within the Terra Luna Classic community, including builders and validators.

Differing Interpretations and Implications

One of the core issues with Proposal 11889 lies in its binary interpretation, which has resulted in conflicting perspectives among validators. This discrepancy has led to a significant slowdown in development progress and halted decision-making processes on the platform. To address this impasse, Proposal 12013 not only seeks the repeal of the existing pay-per-job proposal but also recommends the creation of a revised version that can garner broader consensus and ensure smoother operations.

Community Engagement and Discord

The importance of community involvement in governance decisions cannot be overstated. In response to recent events and the growing uncertainties stemming from Proposal 11889, the Luncliveorg validator has spearheaded Proposal 12013. This initiative reflects the determination to address the community’s concerns and establish a more structured and agreeable alternative to the current pay-per-job proposal.

Voting Outcomes and Community Sentiment

Initial voting on Proposal 12013 has yielded a diverse set of results, with 25% in favor (“Yes”), 1% opposed (“No”), 46% against with a veto (“No with veto”), and 28% abstaining (“Abstain”). The significant number of “No with veto” votes underscores the community’s reluctance to entertain similar proposals in the future, signaling a desire for clarity and consensus.

Market Impact

Amidst these developments, the LUNC price experienced a slight decline of over 1% in the last 24 hours, currently trading at $0.0000987. Simultaneously, the USTC price dropped by 2% during the same period, with its current trading price at $0.0257. These market fluctuations highlight the potential impact of governance decisions and proposals on the Terra Classic ecosystem.

As the Terra Luna Classic community continues to navigate this crucial decision-making process, the outcome of Proposal 12013 will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the platform and its commitment to effective governance.

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