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Technical analysis is very important when it comes to forex trading. There are multiple technical analytic tools which are available that enhance the accuracy of forex trading. Many brokerage platforms offer a multitude of technical analytic tools – yet Tapfin has been a pioneer when it comes to leading analysis. As per the review, the tools available are not only updated, but work across all the trading platforms – making them truly excellent. In this article, we will be discussing one such technical analysis tool called Exchange Ticker.

Exchange Ticker has been a revolutionary analytic tool when it comes to dashboarding and tracking the market across different segments. Tracking the markets is no more difficult with this analytic tool.

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Top features of Exchange Ticker at Tapfin

The Exchange Ticker technical analysis tool in this brokerage platform consists of the top five most desirable features that every trader wants:

  • A user interface that is very easy to navigate and ensures that you don’t miss out on any crucial information.
  • A perfect dashboard for the trader to track every market possible.
  • The Market Trend section on the left pane wherein you can understand where the global markets are heading to.
  • Candlestick analysis is very crucial to forex trading. In the Exchange ticker application,
  • Candlestick analysis is possible as you can dive deeper into the market movements.
  • An integrated connection with Trading view wherein the trader is redirected to, every time he clicks on any of the market instruments available.

As we can see, the Exchange Ticker really comes along with the right set of features which can help every forex trader to make the best out of forex market.

But why is technical analysis so crucial? Is there no alternative to it?

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Importance of technical analysis in forex trading

Before we understand why technical analysis is very important in forex trading, it is crucial for us to understand the nature of the forex market. The forex market is highly volatile, thus giving a very less time for the traders to react to their positions. Under such a situation, technical analysis helps in giving a short time view of the market movements. Traders can make their position based on the short term analysis, which the fundamental analytic tools will not help.

Moreover, technical analysis helps in giving a deeper price action – thus ensuring that traders don’t miss out on price movements – due to a delay. Most of the traders trading in the forex market understand that its time frame is shorter – compared to the other capital markets. Under such a circumstance, technical analytic tools come in handy compared to a fundamental analysis.

Bottom line:

Tapfin has been successfully helping the traders to move forward in their trading journeys without causing a hurdle. As important the technical tools are – it is crucial to understand that the experience of the trader is also important. With this brokerage platform,
traders can experience the best – in their trading journey.

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