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Taki Games on Polygon: Merger with Unite and Quickswap Collaboration Announced

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  • Taki Games merges with Unite and partners with Quickswap on Polygon, boosting its Web3 presence and tapping into deeper liquidity for its TAKI token.
  • The merger with Unite brings new leadership and adds two popular mobile gaming titles to Taki Games’ portfolio, while the Quickswap partnership facilitates seamless TAKI token transfers.

Merging Visions and Expanding Horizons

Mobile gaming network Taki Games has embarked on a strategic journey to bolster its presence in the Web3 sector by merging with Unite and forming a partnership with Quickswap on the Polygon network. This move represents a significant expansion for Taki Games, enhancing its reach and capabilities in the decentralized gaming space.

Strategic Merger with Unite

The collaboration with Unite, the team behind the renowned web3 and NFT project Kungfuverse, has led to a reshuffling of leadership, with former Unite CEO Weiwei Geng stepping in as the new CEO of Taki Games. This merger not only brings fresh leadership but also integrates the strengths and expertise of both entities, creating a more robust and diverse gaming platform.

In line with the merger, Taki Games has made a substantial investment of $2.5 million in fiat and TAKI tokens. This investment has facilitated the acquisition of two mobile gaming titles with substantial user bases: Bored Button, which boasts over five million installs and more than 200,000 monthly average users (MAUs), and Mom’s Kitchen, with over 150,000 downloads and 8,000 MAUs. These additions significantly enhance Taki Games’ portfolio, offering varied gaming experiences to its users.

Partnership with Quickswap on Polygon

Simultaneously, Taki Games has joined forces with Quickswap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Polygon network. This partnership aims to leverage the deep liquidity offered by Quickswap to enable smooth transfers of the TAKI token between Solana, where Taki Games initially found success, and Polygon. The collaboration includes the launch of a dedicated liquidity pool for Taki’s bridged token and a TAKI/MATIC pool, facilitating easier and more efficient token transactions.

Leveraging Polygon’s Infrastructure

The decision to expand onto the Polygon network follows Taki Games’ success in attracting over 1 million users with its web3 social product. By leveraging Polygon‘s infrastructure, Taki Games aims to power its portfolio of mobile games linked to the TAKI currency, effectively bridging the gap between traditional web2 gaming and the emerging web3 landscape. This strategic move positions Taki Games at the forefront of the evolving gaming industry, where the convergence of different technological realms is creating new opportunities and experiences for gamers worldwide.

With these strategic developments, Taki Games is poised to redefine the mobile gaming experience, bringing together the best of web2 and web3 gaming while fostering an environment where gamers have greater ownership and engagement in the gaming ecosystem.

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