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Sweet Returns: Earn from Trading Fees by Staking CAKE on PancakeSwap’s v3

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  • PancakeSwap has introduced a Revenue Sharing Pool for Fixed-Term CAKE stakers.
  • Fixed-Term CAKE stakers will now earn a part of PancakeSwap’s v3 trading fee revenues.

Blockchain enthusiasts, the blockchain-based exchange PancakeSwap is ushering in a new era of revenue earning with the introduction of their highly anticipated Revenue Sharing Pool. This revolutionary feature, first of its kind, allows those who stake the native PancakeSwap token (CAKE) for fixed terms to directly benefit from the platform’s growth and success.

A Sweet Deal for CAKE Stakers

PancakeSwap, like other decentralized exchanges (DEXs), generates revenues from trading fees. However, PancakeSwap is setting itself apart by dispersing a portion of these revenues back to its loyal community. Fixed-Term CAKE stakers can now reap more benefits weekly, directly sharing in the protocol’s growth and success.

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This unique feature includes v3 trading volumes from June 2023 as part of the revenue sharing pool distribution. As an expression of PancakeSwap’s gratitude for their dedicated CAKE stakers, this allows the community to participate directly in PancakeSwap’s prosperity.

Profit Beyond the APR

While staking CAKE in the CAKE pool already provides a generous Annual Percentage Rate (APR), the Revenue Sharing Pool now amplifies these rewards even further. With this revolutionary implementation, Fixed-Term CAKE stakers will directly earn real yield from the trading fee revenues generated by PancakeSwap’s v3 trading pairs.

A substantial 5% of the trading fee revenues from all PancakeSwap v3 pairs with 0.01% and 0.05% fee tiers will be dispersed to fixed-term CAKE stakers on a weekly basis. This means your CAKE rewards and benefits are set to increase, creating an enticing opportunity for both existing and new Fixed-Term CAKE stakers.

Boosting Growth and Sustainability

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The Revenue Sharing Pool aligns perfectly with PancakeSwap’s vision of sustainability and community-driven growth. As the platform attracts more users, trading volumes have skyrocketed, crossing $12.5 billion in total v3 trading volumes. The multichain expansion, which includes developments like Polygon zkEVM and zkSync Era, further promises substantial growth and rewards. CAKE stakers can now look forward to real yields and continued growth as they share in the trading fees.

Joining the Revenue Sharing Pool

The process to join the Revenue Sharing Pool is straightforward. Existing CAKE stakers with fixed-term positions can simply update their staking positions by following the provided guidelines. New CAKE stakers can easily start by staking their CAKE in a fixed-term position.

Claiming Rewards

Claiming rewards is hassle-free through PancakeSwap’s user-friendly interface. Your revenue sharing rewards, based on your shares of rCAKE, can be claimed with a simple click on “Claim” in the Locked CAKE Benefits pop-up.

Distributions and rCAKE Calculation

Rewards will be distributed weekly, starting on August 9th, 2023. Your share, calculated based on the amount and lock duration of your staked CAKE, is recalculated each week. Remember, to stay eligible and keep receiving shares, you must maintain a minimum 7 days in remaining lock time each week.

CAKE stakers, mark your calendars! If you want to receive rewards with the first distribution period on August 9, be sure to join before August 2.

Final Thoughts

At PancakeSwap, the commitment to value creation and rewarding loyal CAKE holders is steadfast. With the introduction of the Revenue Sharing Pool and the multichain expansion, PancakeSwap is confident that CAKE stakers will continue to enjoy increased rewards, leading to a rewarding journey of sustained growth.

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