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SuperDAO Chooses ETH




SuperDAO changes from working on ETC over to ETH. Here's why.

After Ethereum split into two chains in July 2016, two separate communities were created amidst the divide. After an exploitation of the DAO, the Ethereum community debated as to whether or not action needed to be taken, specifically whether they should implement a hard fork to remedy the exploit. After weeks of deliberation, and the decision to hard fork was made, a group of Ethereum enthusiasts felt this was an aberration and went against the very ideology of why Ethereum was created in the first place. “Code is law,” was the mantra. This group decided to hold onto the older Ethereum chain, titling it Ethereum Classic (ETC). During this dividing period, companies, developers, and enthusiasts took to social media to announce if they were “100% working on ETH or ETC.” One of these companies that announced their support for ETC was the SuperDAO project. “[A]n arguably controversial change to the ledger sent us down the path of disillusionment seeking refuge with the remnants that is [its] brother: Ethereum Classic.”

However, as of the time of this writing, the SuperDAO has changed their tune.

Oladapo Ajayi, Founder of SuperDAO released a post on Medium about SuperDAO’s decision to transition to ETH. In regard to ETC, he stated, “Unfortunately, the [ETC] community behind the vision and technical robustness was a mirage. It is clear that Ethereum Classic doesn’t have the appetite or resources to support us at the pace we want to grow and iterate at the moment. At least for now, Ethereum Classic needs time to grow and catch up to the community composition and expertise of the non-Classic chain to be able to support more projects going forward.”

The news of this transition comes at a very pivotal time for the SuperDAO team since they’re planning an upcoming crowdsale. SuperDAO is a tiered and reputation based Ethereum decentralized autonomous organization system that incentivizes Dapp ventures. “Superdao is a collection of various entities, individuals and autonomous agents cooperating virtually without any geographical limitations to achieve a common goal and enabled by open source, democratic software, built on Ethereum blockchain.” In essence, SuperDAO aims to harness the power and wisdom of the crowd to fund various Dapp ventures. They developed Pokereum, which is a decentralized poker Dapp, and Dappsery, an advertising marketplace.

SuperDAO listed out their findings with dealing with ETC:

  • The ETC Community is less focused on Dapps and more on monetary policy and mining at the present time.
  • Technical support token utilities, client updates, general infrastructure to support Dapp developers is less of a focus.
  • Desire to engage with and collect our bounties was surprisingly low. Otherwise, this would help ETC community galvanize support for infrastructure development.
  • It seems ETC has suffered from multiple debilitating cons, for most to consider any other legitimate & viable projects.

While SuperDAO has declined to continue working off Ethereum Classic, they still believe that ETC can “ramp up again in terms of industrialism and become a successful ecosystem in its own right.” 

SuperDAO regains their footing with a new Ethereum community and ecosystem with the ETH chain and proposes their following roadmap.

The Way forward:

  • ETH the New Home for SuperDAO: While we still plan to deploy our dapps to as many prominent EVM based blockchains. ETH will be home to our DAO, but our DAPPS will be EVM Platform Agnostic.
  • Possible token and reputation safeguards: We might consider adding in 95% DAO consensus “proof of burn” to our growing codebase including tokens and any reputation components as safeguards for any unforeseen future circumstances. This will be dependent on community feedback, to which we’re looking forward to hearing before our future crowdfunding.
  • Up Next : Community AMA/AUA to get to know our team and our intents and roadmap for our development progress in this awesome environment! @11:AM AMA EST Thursday
  • Superneum AMA/AUA Token Bounties :)
  • Overview of our Dapps (Pokereum & Dappsery)
  • Finish up seeding stage of our early development
  • Crowdfunding starting in a couple of weeks.
  • Our finalized budget can be seen here 

To learn more about SuperDAO, head to their site.

The following information was obtained from a post on Medium written by Oladapo Ajayi, Founder of SuperDAO. ETHNews reached out for confirmation about this post and the ETH transition was confirmed.

Brianne Rivlin

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over seven years. During the last few years, she has been heavily influenced by blockchain tech, virtual currencies, and Ethereum.

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