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Stellar X EURS: A Match Made in Blockchain Heaven

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  • STASIS has integrated its euro-backed stablecoin, EURS, with the Stellar blockchain, offering a reliable and transparent stablecoin option for Stellar’s efficient payment network.
  • The integration of EURS on Stellar aligns with STASIS’ commitment to multi-chain development, broadening the utility and accessibility of this major Euro stablecoin.

STASIS and Stellar: A Strategic Partnership for Euro-Denominated Payments

STASIS, a pioneer in issuing euro-backed stablecoins, has achieved a notable breakthrough by integrating its flagship product, EURS, with the Stellar blockchain. This move introduces a digital version of the world’s second-most widely used currency to Stellar’s network, significantly enhancing access to euro-denominated stablecoins.

Stellar Network: Facilitating Efficient and Cost-Effective Payments

The Stellar network, known for its efficient, low-cost, and fast payment processing capabilities, has added a critical component to its ecosystem with the integration of EURS. Stablecoins, like EURS, offer stability and reliability in transactions, addressing the volatility concerns often associated with traditional cryptocurrencies. This integration is particularly significant for users seeking stable and dependable payment methods in the volatile crypto market.

EURS: A Stable and Trusted Asset

STASIS’ EURS has established itself as a premier asset in the Euro stablecoin segment, boasting a five-year track record of success. Its integration with the Stellar network, known for rapid transaction processing and scalability, expands the utility and reach of EURS, making it an attractive option in the stablecoin market. EURS is backed by liquid Euro balances, with reserves held at the Lithuanian Central Bank, ensuring its stability and compliance.

Stellar and STASIS: Bridging Traditional and Digital Finance

The collaboration between STASIS and the Stellar network highlights a significant step towards bridging traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). By bringing a major Euro stablecoin like EURS onto the Stellar platform, this partnership provides Stellar ecosystem developers with more robust functionalities and introduces EURS to a global crypto community. This expansion reflects STASIS’ commitment to promoting transparency and inclusivity in financial services within the Web3 ecosystem.

The Future of EURS on Stellar

With over 6 billion euros transferred on-chain across multiple major blockchains, the integration of EURS on the Stellar network marks a key milestone in the evolution of stablecoins. This collaboration paves the way for businesses and developers to leverage a global Euro digital currency, combining the speed, affordability, and reliability of the Stellar network with the stability of EURS.


The integration of STASIS EURO (EURS) on the Stellar blockchain represents a significant advancement in the world of financial blockchain technology. By offering a stable, compliant, and regulated Euro stablecoin on a network optimized for payments, this collaboration sets a new standard for financial inclusivity and innovation in the digital age.

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