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Stellar Development Foundation (XLM) Partners with CALP for Humanitarian Cash Assistance

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  • The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has joined the CALP Network to contribute to and learn from the collaborative efforts in Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) programs for humanitarian aid.
  • Stellar Aid Assist, powered by the Stellar network, has been utilized by leading humanitarian organizations since December 2022 to deliver efficient and transparent digital payments directly to recipients.

Collaborating for Humanitarian Innovation: SDF Joins CALP

As the world grapples with increasing global emergencies, the role of humanitarian aid becomes more crucial than ever. In this context, the CALP Network stands as a formidable ally, fostering collaboration amongst organizations to enhance the capacity, coordination, and policy-making for Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) programs. Originating as the

“Cash Learning Partnership,”

CALP’s mission revolves around themes like digital payments, gender inclusion, and locally-led CVA, ensuring that aid reaches those in need promptly and effectively.

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The Stellar Development Foundation, with its roots deeply embedded in blockchain technology, has observed and learned from the CALP Network, particularly in preparing for the launch of humanitarian cash transfer programs in 2022. A year into this journey, SDF is proud to announce its new status as a member of CALP, becoming the first Layer 1 blockchain to join this influential network.

Stellar Aid Assist: A Blockchain-Powered Lifeline

Humanitarian aid, in the form of cash and voucher assistance, serves as a critical support mechanism worldwide. Stellar Aid Assist emerges as a powerful tool in this domain, utilizing the Stellar network and its surrounding ecosystem to facilitate rapid, low-cost money transfers to those in need. Since its implementation in December 2022, Stellar Aid Assist, powered by the open-source tool for global bulk payments, has demonstrated its capability to swiftly scale in crisis situations, providing a transparent and efficient digital pathway for humanitarian payments.

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Addressing the Complexities of Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian cash transfer programs are inherently complex, requiring a delicate balance between recipient choice, data privacy, technical efficiency, and the unpredictable dynamics of crisis situations. CALP Network, through its global efforts, provides clarity and support, from program design to implementation, ensuring that best practices are disseminated and evidence-based policies are advocated.

The introduction of blockchain-based solutions like Stellar Aid Assist represents a new chapter in the evolution of cash programming. While not intended to replace traditional methods, these digital innovations offer portable, stable value without the necessity of a bank account, opening doors to novel possibilities in humanitarian aid delivery.

SDF’s Journey with CALP: A Mutual Learning Experience

Joining CALP presents the Stellar Development Foundation with a unique opportunity to blend its expertise in digital payments and technology with the vast humanitarian experience of the CALP Network. This membership enables SDF to actively contribute to and learn from the network, participating in meetings, communications, and even applying for seats on CALP’s Technical Advisory Group and Board.

For SDF, this partnership is not just a strategic move but a commitment to leveraging blockchain for the greater good, highlighting the technology’s potential in even the most challenging environments and underlining its dedication to transforming the world of humanitarian aid.

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