Singapore-based startup, CodeTract, is scheduled to track the refund of the DAO Classic tokens beginning tomorrow (August 30).

CodeTract mentions a White Hat Group has drained the remaining 7 million ether. The group created a smart contract in hopes to return the ether to its rightful owners.

The refund will start tomorrow morning and will continue for 24 weeks (August 2016 - Feb 2017). CodeTract will track all movement within the contract. Users will see the rates of the refund, the total amount of withdrawals, as well as the amount donated to the White Hat Group.

CodeTract will also monitor ETH/ETC transaction replays and a possible release for the DAO tokens on the ETC chain.

Danielle Meegan

Danielle Meegan is a writer based in Los Angeles, though she is a native of New Hampshire. Danielle has been published in a couple of magazines and newspapers throughout the years covering sports and entertainment. Danielle has dabbled with multiple virtual currency exchanges to understand the ins and outs of trading. As of right now, Danielle has invested in over 15 different virtual currencies, including Ether. Read More
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