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SpaceX and Dogecoin’s Cosmic Collaboration: Launching the DOGE-1 Satellite

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  • SpaceX’s Upcoming DOGE-1 Mission: Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) is set to launch the DOGE-1 satellite into orbit, funded entirely by Dogecoin, with the mission scheduled for January 12.
  • Surge in Related Tokens: Ahead of the launch, GEC and XI tokens have seen significant price increases, with GEC quadrupling and XI rising by 36% in value.

The Anticipated DOGE-1 Satellite Launch

The synergy between space exploration and cryptocurrency is set to reach new heights with the scheduled launch of the DOGE-1 satellite. This unique mission, undertaken by Geometric Energy Corporation and facilitated by SpaceX, is garnering significant attention in both the space and crypto communities.

A Leap in Token Values

As the DOGE-1 satellite mission draws near, two associated tokens, GEC and XI, have seen a remarkable uptick in their market value. The GEC token, issued by Geometric Energy Corporation, has experienced more than a fourfold increase in the past week, while the XI token, intended for advertising payments on the satellite, has climbed by 36%. This surge reflects the growing investor interest and excitement surrounding the upcoming mission.

The Path to DOGE-1’s Orbital Journey

The DOGE-1 mission, first announced in May 2021, represents a significant milestone in commercial space logistics. Unique for being funded entirely with Dogecoin (DOGE) – the well-known dog-themed meme coin and a favorite of SpaceX founder Elon Musk – this mission aims to place a Dogecoin-themed satellite in lunar orbit.

Originally planned for 2022, the mission faced delays but has now received all necessary regulatory approvals, setting the stage for its launch from the Kennedy Space Center on January 12. Geometric Energy founder Samuel Reid confirmed these developments, highlighting the significance of this collaboration between space exploration and cryptocurrency.

Expanding the Dogecoin-Space Connection

In addition to DOGE-1, another Dogecoin-related mission is on the horizon. Developers of Dogecoin have announced plans for a physical Dogecoin token to be sent to the moon aboard a payload mission by Pittsburgh-based firm Astrobotic. This mission, scheduled for December 23, involves carrying 21 payloads from various entities, including governments, companies, universities, and NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services.


The DOGE-1 satellite launch and the increasing value of related tokens exemplify the growing intersection of space technology and digital currencies. As the mission approaches, the crypto and space exploration sectors eagerly anticipate this groundbreaking event, showcasing the innovative potential of combining these two fields. The success of DOGE-1 could pave the way for more such collaborations in the future, further integrating the worlds of space exploration and cryptocurrency.

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