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Solana’s Rise in Gaming: Epic Games Store Hosts Thriving Web3 Titles

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  • Solana blockchain games are gaining traction on the Epic Games Store, reflecting the growing popularity of non-EVM chains in the gaming industry.
  • Key titles include Star Atlas, Aurory, Yaku, Chain Crisis, and Angelic: Dark Symphony, each offering unique gaming experiences and leveraging Solana’s blockchain technology.

Rising Popularity of Solana in the Gaming World

The Solana blockchain has emerged as a popular choice for game developers, particularly for those seeking alternatives to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based networks. This is evident in the growing number of Solana-enabled games on the Epic Games Store, a platform known for its openness to hosting crypto and AI-integrated titles.

Featured Solana Games on Epic Games Store

Star Atlas

Star Atlas, an ambitious sci-fi MMORPG, utilizes Solana for its in-game tokens and NFTs. Despite a significant reduction in its development team, ATMTA, the studio behind Star Atlas, continues to work on the game. A demo has already been released for NFT holders, and the full game is expected to arrive on the Epic Games Store in the future.

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Aurory, a free-to-play fantasy RPG, stands out with its blend of Pokémon and Matrix-inspired elements. Initially launched with Solana-based NFTs and tokens, Aurory has plans to expand to Ethereum’s layer-2 network, Arbitrum. The game’s RPG expansion, “Seekers of Tokane,” will be available on both the Epic Games Store and its native browser version.


Yaku is a social metaverse game that supports both Solana and Ethereum blockchains. Currently in early access on the Epic Games Store, Yaku aims to develop an open-world, dystopian sci-fi environment, with gradual updates planned over the next several years.

Chain Crisis

Chain Crisis, set in the fictional world of Warpgate City, is a cyberpunk dystopian shooter game. In its pre-alpha stage, the game is slated for a 2024 release and features male PFP-style avatar NFTs on Solana.

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Angelic: Dark Symphony

Angelic: Dark Symphony is a sci-fi RPG that offers a variety of game modes, including multiplayer and single-player. Funded by major investors, the game is under development by Metaverse Game Studios and plans to incorporate optional NFT elements on both Solana and Ethereum. Angelic emphasizes a non-pay-to-win approach, avoiding “toxic and unsustainable” gaming models.

Solana’s Impact on the Gaming Industry

These diverse Solana-powered games on the Epic Games Store illustrate the blockchain’s growing influence in the gaming sector. Solana offers a platform for developers to create unique gaming experiences, blending traditional gaming elements with innovative blockchain technology. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Solana’s presence on platforms like the Epic Games Store signifies a significant shift towards more blockchain-integrated gaming experiences.

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