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Solana-Based Aurory Game Levels Up with ‘Seekers of Tokane’ Expansion and Epic Games Store Launch

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  • Aurory, a Solana-based game, introduces ‘Seekers of Tokane’, a major expansion featuring roguelike RPG elements, now launching on the Epic Games Store for a broader gaming experience.
  • The expansion introduces procedural land generation, avatar customization, improved PVP battles, and a new Neftie upgrading system, enhancing the gameplay and player interaction.

Aurory Embarks on a New Adventure with ‘Seekers of Tokane’

Aurory, a popular blockchain game built on the Solana network, has announced its latest expansion, ‘Seekers of Tokane’. This addition brings a fresh dimension of roguelike role-playing elements to the game’s existing Pokémon-inspired universe. With this expansion, Aurory is set to enhance its gameplay experience, transitioning from a browser-based game to a more robust platform on the Epic Games Store.

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Exploring New Realms in ‘Seekers of Tokane’

‘Seekers of Tokane’ marks a significant evolution in Aurory’s gameplay. Players can now explore endlessly varied lands, each journey presenting a unique world generated through a procedural land system. This new mechanic ensures a fresh experience in every session, with environments never being the same twice. Players engage in PVE battles, navigating through these ever-changing landscapes with their Nefties—magical creatures integral to the game.

In this challenging expansion, players must find the exit portal to return to the starting village of Blanche. However, if they fall before reaching this portal, all accumulated loot is lost, adhering to the demanding nature of roguelike RPGs. Aurory’s Executive Producer, Jonathan Campeau, the limitless exploration possibilities enabled by this new system, promising continuous updates with new biomes and environments to maintain the game’s excitement and allure.

Enhancing Gameplay with New Features

The expansion brings several new features, including an avatar customization system offering 67 different options for non-NFT avatars. The updated PVP Blitz Battles now provide players with more control, allowing them to plan their Neftie’s moves each round or swap them when needed. Additionally, the element-based strengths and weaknesses, akin to Pokémon games, add a strategic layer to battles.

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Transition to the Epic Games Store

Recognizing the limitations of browser-based gaming, Aurory is transitioning to the Epic Games Store. This move will provide players with a smoother and more immersive gaming experience. According to Campeau, the desktop version significantly outperforms the browser-based one, promising a substantial enhancement for players.

Aurory’s Cross-Chain Expansion and Future Prospects

Previously launched on Solana, Aurory announced plans to extend to the Ethereum Layer-2 network Arbitrum, broadening its reach. This cross-chain expansion demonstrates the team’s commitment to capturing a diverse audience in the blockchain gaming sector. As Aurory continues to grow and innovate, it remains at the forefront of the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming, offering players a richer and more engaging experience.

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