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Shocking Ethereum (ETH) Forecast Targets $28,000 by 2025! Can It Happen?

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are hyped as a shocking prediction surfaces within the digital currency sphere: Ethereum (ETH) potentially soaring to $28,000 by 2025. Today, we will analyze this price prediction while also placing a spotlight on an altcoin that may provide gains in a much faster time.

Ethereum (ETH): New Prediction

This Ethereum (ETH) price prediction especially came from Stockmoney Lizard – a prominent crypto analyst. Backed by a comprehensive chart pattern analysis and fundamental insights, this crypto investor has boldly forecasted Ethereum’s trajectory to $28,000 per token.

Fueling this bullish stance is the assertion that major financial entities are diligently crafting Ethereum-based ETFs, potentially opening doors for traditional market investors to access cryptocurrencies via conventional stock exchanges. According to Stockmoney Lizard, this development forms a solid foundation for his Ethereum price prediction.

However, despite the promising groundwork laid by the anticipated ETF, a closer inspection of Ethereum’s current statistics raises questions about the feasibility of such a staggering surge.

A Deep Dive Into the Ethereum (ETH) Numbers

The Ethereum price now sits at $2,109, and the envisioned leap to $28,000 translates to an astronomical 1,227% surge. Such a monumental increase in value within the speculated timeframe appears optimistic, considering Ethereum’s present market dynamics and the growth required to achieve this target.

Moreover, Ethereum’s market cap, standing at $252B, would necessitate a growth to $3.3T to align with the projected price. This is a simply not possible feat since even Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s biggest crypto, currently has a market cap of $757B.

Given these hurdles, exploring alternative tokens becomes vital for those seeking faster and potentially more attainable gains.

A Groundbreaking New Crypto 

The main problem with Ethereum reaching $28,000 is its high market cap. The cryptocurrency would require a substantial influx of new capital to trigger significant price surges, a challenge due to its size. Enter Everlodge (ELDG) – a distinctive property marketplace operating on the blockchain.

This innovative platform enables fractional ownership of high-end properties through fractionalized NFTs, accessible at prices starting from $100. Currently, in Stage 7 of its presale, one ELDG token holds a value of just $0.025. It also has a lower market cap than Ethereum – $13M, requiring only $13 million to double its price and returns.

Early adopters of ELDG tokens have already received a 150% ROI, and analysts project a further rise to $0.038 before the presale concludes. Some have even forecasted a 3,000% pump once a Tier-1 CEX lists it.

With Statista projecting the real estate sector to surge to an impressive value of $729T by 2028, Everlodge has the potential to establish a substantial presence within this industry. Because of this, Everlodge could potentially outshine Ethereum regarding market impact.

For more information about Everlodge (ELDG) please visit their website.

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