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Shibarium’s Game-Changing Projects: Fueling the Explosive Surge in SHIB Price

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  • Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu’s pseudonymous lead developer, commends the work of developers on Shibarium, emphasizing the importance of their projects and innovations.
  • Kusama addresses the SHIB community’s concerns regarding SHIB burns, clarifying that increased utility and usage of Shibarium will naturally lead to more SHIB burns.

In an unexpected move, Shytoshi Kusama, the anonymous lead developer behind Shiba Inu, has stepped forward to vocally support the developers working on the Shibarium blockchain projects. Kusama’s statement, made in the Shibarium Telegram group, reflects his enthusiasm and optimism for the ongoing developments within the ecosystem.

Shibarium’s Rising Ecosystem

Kusama’s words have been a source of encouragement, as he acknowledges the hard work of teams crafting valuable projects on Shibarium.

“Excited to see all the incredible projects on,”

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he expressed, breaking his usual silence to shine a spotlight on their efforts.

This sentiment was shared and amplified by Lucie, a Shiba Inu content specialist, who took to the X platform to share a screenshot of Kusama’s statement, ensuring that the wider Shiba Inu community was in the loop. Lucie emphasized that the development team is closely monitoring all projects on Shibarium, dispelling any notions of neglect or lack of interest.

“Truth be told, we’ve got our eyes glued to every Shibarium project,”

she stated, encouraging the developers to keep pushing forward.

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According to Defillama, the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) total value locked (TVL) aggregator, the Shibarium blockchain hosts at least 11 decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and two Farm protocols. In comparison to figures from August 30, this marks a substantial increase, indicating a flourishing ecosystem.

Addressing SHIB Burns

Amidst the commendations, the issue of SHIB burns was brought up by the community, leading Kusama to clarify that Shibarium itself does not independently burn Shiba Inu tokens. Instead, he explained, it is the increased utility and usage of the blockchain that will drive the burns, emphasizing the direct relationship between Shibarium’s success and the SHIB burns.

As the crypto world continues to evolve, the Shiba Inu community is left with a clear message from their leadership: the success of Shibarium and the resultant SHIB burns are intrinsically linked, with each development on the blockchain pushing the ecosystem toward greater heights.

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