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Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Achieves Milestone: 2,992,341 Transactions and 1,249,976 Wallets

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  • Shibarium surpasses 1 million wallet addresses within a month of its launch.
  • Layer-2 scalability platform hints at future SHIB price rally.

Shibarium Ascends Rapidly in the Crypto Arena

Shiba Inu’s groundbreaking Layer-2 scalability platform, Shibarium, has garnered significant attention within mere weeks of its initiation. Launched amid much anticipation, Shibarium has astonishingly breached the 1 million wallet addresses benchmark since its re-introduction on August 24.

The platform’s traction can be attributed to its daily addition of approximately 36,667 new wallet addresses. Poised on the verge of a remarkable utility milestone, Shibarium’s total transactions are nearing the 3 million mark, with a current total standing impressively at 2,944,672.

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Data extrapolated from Shibariumscan corroborates the exponential growth narrative. A week-long period saw a phenomenal 633% uptick in newly verified contracts on Shibarium, elevating the total to a record 415 verified contracts. This surge demonstrates Shibarium‘s potential, considering that from September 14 to 17, only eight smart contracts were verified, which then surged to 19 on September 18 alone. Overall, the total contracts have risen to an impressive peak of 9,917.

Navigating Centralized Misconceptions

The recent discourse surrounding Shibarium was intensified by Shiba Inu marketing strategist Lucie (@LucieSHIB). She emphasized the urgency for users to transition their assets from centralized platforms to Shibarium’s decentralized Layer-2 scalability solution.

Lucie sought to debunk prevailing myths, particularly around Shibarium’s role in SHIB token burns. Through a clarifying narrative, Lucie stressed that the real question isn’t about Shibarium’s burn timelines but rather the moment SHIB token holders will commence their transition from conventional exchanges to Shibarium.

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Referencing the now-bankrupt FTX exchange, Lucie underlined the inherent risks of centralized exchanges. She accentuated that every transaction on Shibarium inherently burns tokens, irrespective of online discourse. The primary mechanism for SHIB token burns remains through Shibarium’s utilization.

Current Market Implications and Future Trajectories

The SHIB token currently trades at $0.000007449, and if market indicators are anything to go by, the SHIB price could witness a 15% surge by month’s end.

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Collin Brown
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