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Shiba Inu’s DeFi Arsenal: NOWNodes Integrates SHIBTECH Bots

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  • NOWNodes fortifies Shibarium ecosystem by integrating Shibarium Tech Suite bots with its Shibarium RPC Full Node, augmenting the automated DeFi tool offerings.
  • The innovative merger underscores SHIBTECH’s pivotal role in Shiba Inu’s ecosystem growth, and unveils a slew of automated trading capabilities to the users.

In a remarkable move, NOWNodes, a leading node provider, has announced the integration of Shibarium Technology Suite bots, dubbed SHIBTECH, with its Shibarium remote procedure call (RPC) Full Node. This integration significantly upgrades the automated decentralized finance (DeFi) tool capabilities within the Shibarium ecosystem.

Embracing Cutting-edge Automation

The cornerstone of this integration is the empowerment of automated DeFi tools, a pivotal stride towards bolstering the Shibarium ecosystem. Through a recent announcement, NOWNodes revealed that the SHIBTECH bots are now powered by the NOWNodes Shibarium RPC Full Node, ushering in a new era of possibilities, especially in the realm of automated DeFi applications.

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The integration is a testament to the expanding Shiba Inu ecosystem, with SHIBTECH playing an instrumental role in this expansion. NOWNodes, by amalgamating the SHIBTECH bots with its Shibarium RPC node, has illustrated the mechanics of how these newly integrated bots can enhance the Shibarium ecosystem’s functionality.

Shibarium Tech Suite Bots Unleashed

Outlined within the announcement were several standout features of the SHIBTECH suite. Among them is the Sniper Bot, which facilitates efficient trade automation for the users. This bot significantly eases the bridging of BONE tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to the Shibarium network, representing a seamless transfer mechanism.

Furthermore, the Live Pairing Bot keeps users abreast of new tokens making their entry into the Shibarium ecosystem, while the Buy Bot provides instant notifications to users when specific tokens of interest are acquired.

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Another notable component is the Trending Bot, which grants users access to the ten trending buy bot messages within an exclusive channel, ensuring they stay updated on the hot picks within the community.

This merger underscores the operational principle of the Shibarium RPC node, acting as a vital conduit between ledger data and requests emanating from the Multi-Bots. Essential functionalities such as the ETH-SHIB Bridge and automated trading are facilitated through this node.

By fostering a seamless interaction between ledger data and multi-bots, NOWNodes enhances essential functionalities like automated trading. Moreover, in a bid to showcase its infrastructure’s prowess, NOWNodes has unveiled a new series called NOWCaseStudy, aimed at spotlighting leading DeFi and Web3 projects leveraging NOWNodes’ infrastructure. Through this integration and subsequent announcements, NOWNodes and Shibarium are collectively pushing the envelope, setting a higher bar in the decentralized finance domain.

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