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Shiba Inu’s Collaborator, Bad Idea (AI), Aces CertiK Security Check

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  • Bad Idea AI, partnering with the Shiba Inu ecosystem, achieves an impressive 80 score in its recent CertiK security audit.
  • This achievement places the project in the top 20% of the most secure cryptocurrency ventures.

Elevating Blockchain-AI Synergy to Unprecedented Security Heights

Marrying the realms of blockchain and artificial intelligence, Bad Idea (AI) – a distinguished partner to the Shiba Inu ecosystem – proudly announces the completion of its rigorous audit by the esteemed blockchain security entity, CertiK.

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Defining itself as a groundbreaking decentralized experience, Bad Idea AI seamlessly integrates blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model. Its alliance with the Shiba Inu community has been evident, with Shiba Inu’s marketing frontrunner, Lucie, advocating fervently for CertiK to bestow a complimentary audit upon Bad Idea AI.

With the results rolled out on September 29th, Bad Idea AI not only secured a commendable security score of 80 but also positioned itself among the elite top 20% of cryptocurrency projects in terms of security.

Commendations in CertiK’s Ledger

Anchoring its commitment to fostering unwavering trust within its community, the accomplishment of the CertiK evaluation is a pivotal moment for Bad Idea AI. CertiK’s illustrious audit history encompasses myriad cryptocurrency initiatives, with industry stalwarts like Polygon, The Sandbox, The Open Network (TON), and of course, Shiba Inu, under its belt.

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Remarkably, Bad Idea AI’s recognition from CertiK materializes a mere five months post its official launch. As of this reporting, the project’s intrinsic BAD token circulates at a value of $0.00000005, which translates to an impressive market cap of approximately $26.8 million.

Digging deeper into the CertiK assessment, an 80 score epitomizes the fact that Bad Idea AI met and surpassed fundamental security benchmarks during the evaluation phase. The breakdown includes an admirable 79% score in code security. Furthermore, the project demonstrated robust performance in pivotal metrics, ranging from community trust and operational resilience to market equilibrium and governance fortitude, with scores oscillating between 88% and 94%.

Reassuringly, CertiK’s thorough assessment unveiled zero “Critical” code security flaws in Bad Idea AI’s framework. The proactive project team promptly acknowledged and addressed two issues – one labeled as

“Major” and the other categorized as “Informational.”

Dr. Christopher Johnson, operating under a pseudonym as Bad Idea AI’s listing agent and the founder of Lightspeed Listing, extended his commendation towards CertiK’s rapid and meticulous assessment. He highlighted that the audit’s purview spanned the verification of multi-signature wallet signatories essential for the core Bad Idea AI functions.

CertiK’s rigorous endorsement augments Bad Idea AI’s aspirations, making it an enticing proposition for prospective community members. As per CertiK’s evaluation, the project proudly boasts of over 14,600 steadfast holders.

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