ethereum foundation security lead

The Ethereum Foundation announced that Nasdaq’s information security expert, Martin Holst Swende, will join its team as security lead, specializing in source code audits, security testing, and IT forensics.

Mr. Swende has an extensive resume with work at Yahoo as a software developer, and Nasdaq as an Information Security Senior Specialist. He will bring years of software and security expertise and knowledge to assist the Foundation in protecting the source code of smart contracts and decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain. This week, Mr. Swende participated in two panels at the Ethereum Devcon2 conference in Shanghai: Smart Contract Security and Ethereum Security Overview.

Mr. Swende fills an important need for the Ethereum Foundation since the Foundation Team did not have a security expert before his arrival. The hack of the DAO was a major issue and is still a dark cloud to many in the Ethereum community. Adding Mr. Swende to the team emphasizes the Foundation’s commitment to security and will allow them to take a more proactive role in preventing hacks and other security breaches going forward.

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