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Opening a trading account with any brokerage platform often requires a lot of account verification. The account verification steps can be very mind boggling considering that there are a lot of documents that need to be submitted. But if the brokerage platform is taking care of these steps, then you can be rest assured with the account opening process. Seastock24 ensures that the account verification is not that heavy on your shoulders, which means – you don’t have to worry too much about the same. As per Seastock24 review, just a few simple steps are all you need to get your account verified. So, let us find out why account verification is crucial – and how you can get your account verified after opening the same.

Why is account verification crucial while opening a forex brokerage account?

One of the major reasons why account verification is crucial is that the trading platforms won’t allow you to trade unless the account is verified. As per the regulations established for financial transactions, every account needs to be verified such that the account holder can be traced out in case there is any malice.

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Moreover, verifying your account gives an extra layer of protection as well. One of the few steps of account verification in certain brokerage platforms include authentication of your mobile number and e-mail ID. Authenticating such details will add a layer of security that will ensure that your account cannot be logged in by any other malefic user.

Verifying your account also ensures that you comply with the regulations of a particular country. All country’s trading brokerage platforms are regulated by the apex security market organizations. Following their protocols becomes crucial else, you will be debarred from training in their geographical boundaries.

Many brokerage platforms lock their premium features only for verified accounts. As a trader you won’t be able to experience some of the premium features and an improved customer journey with an unverified account. Thus verifying your account is very crucial when it comes to opening a Forex trading portfolio.

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Account verification documents needed at Seastock24

Documents needed for account verification at Seastock24 can be subdivided into:

  • Personal ID: This can be any government issued identification card, which shall be used to verify the authenticity of your identity. Some examples include passport, driver’s license and temporary residence permit.
  • Financial information: Financial information includes credit or debit card details, which are required while opening the account. Make sure not to share your CVV number, as it is confidential in nature.
  • Address proof: Utility Bill is the address proof that you should be looking for. The address written on the utility bill should be clearly updated and not more than 6 months old.

Key sanity checks for document upload.

Some of the key sanity checks that need to be done before uploading the document include:

  • Check the validity of the document.
  • Place of residence should include your name and the complete address.
  • A scanned copy of the place of residence should be provided.
  • Date of issue of the document confirming the place of residence should be mentioned.
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