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Schools Get ‘Smart’: How Blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, and AI are Transforming Education

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  • Mehmet Fırat, a researcher at Anadolu University, has envisioned a Smart Open Education Ecosystem (SOEE) that blends blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, multimodal learning analytics, and AI.
  • The SOEE aims to provide solutions to the significant handicaps of today’s education, such as inequity, lack of opportunity, and access issues, ultimately aiming to democratize and personalize learning experiences.

At Anadolu University in Turkey, Mehmet Fırat is steering education into the future. His recently published research introduces a concept known as the Smart Open Education Ecosystem (SOEE), designed to bring a revolutionary change to the traditional education system.

At the heart of SOEE are several cutting-edge technologies – blockchain, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), multimodal learning analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Fırat’s research integrates these to create an all-inclusive educational environment.

Solving Today’s Educational Challenges

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The SOEE is envisioned as an “open education” system, addressing what Fırat identifies as the considerable challenges plaguing contemporary education. These problems range from issues of equity, fair opportunity, to access – barriers that prevent numerous potential learners from gaining the education they deserve.

The proposed system leverages a blockchain network to operate. It employs generative AI systems, akin to ChatGPT, to interact with students and tailor learning experiences to their needs. In a transformative twist, learning resources, lessons, and even credentials are envisaged as NFTs, while a DAO oversees the entire educational operation.

Fırat asserts that the objective of open education extends beyond merely making education accessible. It’s also about customizing learning experiences to suit each learner, a feature sorely missing in most open universities and other similar structures despite their supportive philosophy and approach.

Towards Educational Singularity

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The SOEE isn’t the first attempt to explore open education through blockchain, but it’s undeniably among the most visionary. Fırat points out that the blend of these technologies can facilitate a “singularity in education,” a transformative point where lifelong free education becomes universally accessible.

Even before reaching this future goal, Fırat enumerates 12 core benefits of SOEE, which include improved education quality, accessibility, personalization, democratic governance, and global cooperation. The system also provides potential solutions to intellectual property issues and supports preservation of cultural and linguistic diversity. Furthermore, it encourages innovation and experimental learning while also aiding in student success and career planning.

In light of these potential benefits, Fırat concludes that the SOEE’s innovative approach deserves extensive exploration by all stakeholders in education, including policymakers. The future of education may well hinge on the convergence of technologies like blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, and AI, as the SOEE vision posits.

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