Ethereum email scam

It’s not the first time Ethereum users have been targeted by those with malicious intent.

Phishing, the activity of defrauding someone online by posing as a legitimate company to gain access to their personal or financial information, is always something users should be wary of. Phishing scams are no stranger to those in the cryptosphere. Since Ether and Bitcoin emerged onto the scene, phishing scams have been rearing their ugly heads, trying to dupe those who want to invest in innovation.

Just recently, these scams popped up in the form of MyEtherWallet Google ads where the company’s name was just ever-so-slightly misspelled, that it was hard to make out the difference.

Now, users are receiving emails from fake and MyEtherWallet email accounts. This is considered a backdoor for these scammers so be please don’t click on any links from either of these emails.

Thanks to reddit user, myxamop, we’re including a screenshot of how this scam email appears:

Again, if you receive an email from either account, do not click on the link.

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over seven years. During the last few years, she has been heavily influenced by blockchain tech, virtual currencies, and Ethereum.
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