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Rollux Moves Into Next Phase of Growth With Bitcoin-backed DeFi Tools

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  • Rollux offers a comprehensive suite of DeFi tools, including cross-chain bridges, DEXs, liquidity protocols, yield aggregators, and more, to pave the way for a Web3 ecosystem.
  • Rollux’s emergence marks a significant advancement in the DeFi landscape, underpinned by Bitcoin’s security and Syscoin’s Layer 1 capabilities

SYS Labs, a Web3 product suite built on the Syscoin platform, has unveiled the latest stage of Rollux, an inventive Layer-2 solution based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Rollux leverages the power of Bitcoin to enhance the efficiency of Ethereum network applications and has introduced a comprehensive set of DeFi tools. These tools encompass a ZK-lite client, cross-chain bridges, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), liquidity protocols, yield aggregators, and a launchpad, all of which contribute to establishing the groundwork for a fully-fledged Web3 ecosystem.

SYS Labs has developed Rollux as part of its comprehensive ecosystem built on scalability, speed, and affordability. With the phase 2 rollout, Rollux has boosted interoperability across blockchains while simultaneously offering end-to-end Web3 tools and services. Bitcoin’s mining network offers security support along with Syscoin’s Layer 1 finality and data availability.

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Rollux and DeFi Ecosystem

Rollux, as the sole rollup integrated into OP Stack, has ushered in the next chapter of its evolution with a substantial expansion of its DeFi offerings. This expansion is designed to simplify user and developer access to its ecosystem.

Powered by Rollux, SuperDapp serves as a prime example of how a Web3 ecosystem rooted in Bitcoin can enhance privacy and security for online interactions. SuperDapp boasts a diverse range of services, including an AI assistant, instant messaging, video calls, a non-custodial crypto wallet, and a developer marketplace. It presents a comprehensive platform that seamlessly combines the best elements of chat, Web3, and social connections, making it a valuable addition to the Rollux ecosystem.

Leveraging Syscoin’s dual Layer-1 architecture, Rollux stands atop a sturdy foundation that encompasses both a native UTXO chain and an NEVM chain. The newly introduced UTXO bridge aims to facilitate a seamless transition to Rollux’s EVM Layer-2, bridging the gap between UTXO and Layer-2 as a response to popular demand.

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With the Rollux ecosystem integrating a number of Web3 tools, SYS Labs CEO Jagdeep Sidhu said:

Rollux Phase 2 is not merely an update; it’s a quantum leap in the DeFi universe. With a suite of revolutionary features and a community-centric ethos, Rollux is the epitome of innovation and inclusivity.

The Rollux ecosystem marked its inception with Pegasys, a DeFi exchange and AMM, Luxy NFT Platform, Pali Wallet available on both web and mobile, DAOSYS, and Camada, an unhosted crypto trading platform compliant with regulations.

Expanding its array of Web3 applications and services, Rollux introduced the Chainge cross-chain aggregated DEX, the Agave DeFi lending protocol, the Gamma liquidity protocol, the Nexter prediction market, the GoRollux launchpad, the Beefy yield aggregator, and LayerSwap, an innovative bridge enabling direct and instantaneous transfers from centralized exchanges to blockchains.


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