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Ripple’s XRPL NFT Upgrade Countdown Begins: XRP Community Awaits Transformation

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  • The ‘fixNFTokenRemint’ amendment on the XRPL has passed, initiating a 14-day countdown for a significant NFT upgrade.
  • This upgrade, aimed at enhancing NFT sequence numbers and preventing reminting issues, is part of XRPL’s ongoing advancements, including other amendments like the ‘fixReducedOffersV1’.

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is poised for a significant upgrade with the recent approval of the “fixNFTokenRemint” amendment. This development, confirmed by XRPScan, marks a critical step in enhancing the ledger’s capabilities, particularly concerning Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Elevating XRPL’s NFT Capabilities

The ‘fixNFTokenRemint’ amendment, which garnered 27 votes out of a possible 34, represents a consensus of 82.35% and is expected to activate by November 27. This amendment addresses a pivotal aspect of XRPL’s NFT functionality. Specifically, it aims to modify how NFT sequence numbers are assigned, thereby preventing the re-minting of an NFT with an identical sequence number – a scenario that could lead to collision issues.

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The significance of this amendment lies in its dual functionality. Firstly, it introduces a new


field and a


which remains constant over time. This stability is crucial in maintaining the uniqueness of each NFT. Secondly, it allows developers to compute the sequence of a newly minted NFT using a straightforward formula:

“FirstNFTSequence + MintedNFTokens,”

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with the


incrementing by one post-minting. This process ensures a streamlined and collision-free NFT minting experience on the XRPL.

Broader XRPL Developments

This NFT upgrade is part of a series of enhancements XRPL is undergoing. Another notable amendment, ‘fixReducedOffersV1’, has already entered its 2-week activation countdown. This particular amendment focuses on adjusting rounding mechanisms to prevent order book blockages caused by reduced offers with exchange rates affected by rounding of remaining amounts. It underscores XRPL’s commitment to refining its trading and exchange functionalities.

Users operating on rippled v1.11.0 or earlier versions are advised to upgrade to the latest version to align with these new functionalities. This proactive approach demonstrates XRPL’s dedication to maintaining a state-of-the-art ledger system.

In addition to these core products, XRPL’s broader ecosystem, including protocols like the Xahau Sidechain, is also experiencing significant progress. The completion of Xahau’s security audit signals its readiness to go live on the mainnet, further extending XRPL’s capabilities and reach.

In summary, the XRPL is on the brink of transformative upgrades with the ‘fixNFTokenRemint’ amendment leading the charge. This development, coupled with other ongoing advancements, signifies XRPL‘s relentless pursuit of innovation and enhancement in blockchain technology, particularly in the realm of NFTs and trading functionalities.

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