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Ripple’s XRP Outshines Competitors as South Korean Gen Z and Millennials Allocate More

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  • Ripple’s XRP sees an uptick in preference among South Korean investors, particularly those in their 20s.
  • Despite Ripple’s regulatory challenges, XRP forms 20.7% of young Korean portfolios, outdoing Bitcoin and Ethereum’s combined 17.5%.

XRP’s Young and Aggressive South Korean Admirers

In the tempestuous seas of cryptocurrency, Ripple’s XRP appears to have found steady ground, especially among South Korean’s youthful investors. Regardless of the challenges Ripple has been facing, including regulatory hurdles, its digital asset XRP has not just weathered the storm but gained significant traction. The most pronounced shift is observed among investors in their 20s. Current statistics place XRP as a frontrunner, making up a whopping 20.7% of their investment portfolios, a figure that surpasses the combined percentage of behemoths Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Delving deeper, the young Koreans’ penchant for XRP is evident. Their portfolios show a preference for XRP that outstrips Bitcoin and Ethereum by an appreciable margin of 3.2%.

The Altcoin Affinity: South Korea’s Investment Pulse

These younger market participants have showcased an appetite for risk, exhibiting aggressive investment strategies when juxtaposed with their older counterparts. Their tilt is prominently towards altcoins rather than the more established Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Supporting this trend is a report from Bithumb, which analyzed this year’s investor portfolios. The findings were striking: a dominant 82% of investors aged in their twenties showed a preference for altcoins, specifically those with higher volatility, over the leading two crypto giants. This contrasts sharply with those in their 30s, where Bitcoin and Ethereum clinch the top spots, occupying 28.2% of their investment pie.

Kim Dong-hwan, a luminary in the South Korean crypto sphere helming Wonderframe, adds a nuanced perspective. He discerns that the 20s age bracket, in its investment choices, seems more aligned with the quest for short-term gains rather than long-haul, enduring investments. Further demographical breakdowns exhibit varied XRP investment ratios: 17% for those in their 30s, 11.8% for the 40s, 14.9% for the 50s, and 13.8% for the 60s and above.

Further solidifying XRP’s South Korean stronghold is its consistent trading vigor on native exchanges. In certain instances, its volume on renowned exchanges like Upbit and Bithumb has overshadowed even Bitcoin and Ethereum. This reinforces last year’s ranking, where XRP emerged as the second most sought-after crypto asset in South Korea, tailing closely behind Bitcoin, and leaving Ether and Cardano in its wake.

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