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Ripple’s XRP Emerges as Game-Changer for TapJets, Backed by Legal Luminary

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  • TapJets acknowledges the utility of XRP, highlighting its speed and efficiency over traditional banking methods.
  • TapJets backs Ripple against the SEC, stressing XRP’s real-world problem-solving capability.

XRP’s Utility in Aviation: TapJets’ Strategic Choice

John Deaton, the brain behind Crypto-Law.US and a staunch advocate for XRP in the Ripple-SEC legal bout, recently shed light on TapJets’ proclivity for XRP. TapJets, colloquially known as the “Uber of jets,” finds immense value in the digital asset, evident from their vocal support for Ripple during its tussle with the SEC.

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Bridging the Payment Gap

Elaborating on TapJets’ stance, Deaton emphasized that XRP’s utility extends far beyond its speculative value. It caters to tangible, real-world concerns. As TapJets operates in an industry demanding swift and immediate payments – covering pilot fees, fuel charges, and other associated costs – traditional banking systems, especially during weekends, falter in efficiency. The inability to wire transfer funds during off-hours can pose operational challenges.

Herein lies XRP‘s prowess. Crafted to bypass the inherent limitations of traditional payment gateways, it ensures that payments aren’t hamstrung during weekends or post-business hours. As Deaton succinctly states, “TapJets accepts XRP as a form of payment. In 3-5 seconds, you’ve settled the costs upfront, and your jet is primed for take-off.” Through their amicus brief, TapJets ardently articulated this standpoint, countering the SEC’s narrative of deeming XRP as a security.

Broadening the perspective, Deaton accentuated the revolutionary potential of digital assets like XRP, referencing the automobile titan Ferrari’s recent foray into accepting XRP and its crypto peers for payments within U.S. boundaries.

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TapJets continues to fortify its customer experience, rolling out specialized applications enabling seamless flight bookings and in-app solutions for any flight-related queries.

Whale Movements in the XRP Ecosystem

Shifting gears, the Whale Alert platform, a sentinel for monitoring substantial crypto transfers, flagged an eye-catching XRP movement. A colossal sum of 409,776,402 XRP, equating to an impressive $201,627,816, was transitioned from the Bitvavo exchange on October 17th. This significant sum found its way to an undisclosed wallet, hinting at potential acquisition by a prominent crypto enthusiast or entity.

Adding to the intrigue, Whale Alert documented a 75 million XRP transfer orchestrated by Ripple to an unidentified blockchain address. Recent activities have witnessed Ripple orchestrating voluminous XRP transfers from its associated wallets, with substantial quantities directed to Bitstamp. Speculations are rife, with some suggesting potential sales while others lean towards Ripple bolstering its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) corridor, recently rebranded as “Ripple Payments” for clearer comprehension in the broader market.

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