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Ripple’s Winning Streak: Could XRP Reach $10 with an IPO Announcement on September 29th?

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  • Ripple’s “The Proper Party” event on September 28th is generating buzz with speculation about potential XRP token value revelations and the possibility of an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  • Wall Street veteran Linda P. Jones suggests that Ripple, backed by substantial XRP reserves, could be significantly undervalued, potentially leading to a 20-fold increase in its stock value.


Ripple, the San Francisco-based blockchain startup, is gearing up for a significant event, “The Proper Party,” to celebrate its recent triumph over the SEC. While this occasion promises joyous celebrations, it also holds the potential to unveil crucial insights into Ripple’s XRP token value and the possibility of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Wall Street veteran Linda P. Jones hints at a remarkable valuation surge.

Ripple’s Triumph and Its Significance:

In July 2023, Ripple achieved a significant victory when the court confirmed XRP’s non-security status. This verdict carries profound implications for the cryptocurrency world, setting a precedent for future regulations. With traditional financial systems, governments, and institutional investors increasingly focused on cryptocurrencies, this legal win is of paramount importance.

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Ripple’s IPO Speculation:

As the countdown to The Proper Party continues, speculation is rampant about whether Ripple will seize the moment to announce an IPO, given the resolution of some legal uncertainties. This potential announcement could serve as a catalyst, driving XRP prices to new heights, possibly reaching $1 or even higher.

Linda P. Jones’ Insights:

Linda P. Jones, a seasoned Wall Street veteran, conducted a preliminary estimation of Ripple’s stock value. Presently, Ripple’s shares are valued at $35, translating to a staggering $5.7 billion valuation. Notably, Ripple holds a substantial reserve of 42 billion XRP tokens in escrow, valued at approximately $21 billion at the current XRP price of $0.50. This valuation significantly surpasses Ripple’s current market value, suggesting the company may be undervalued.

Comparing Ripple to Coinbase:

Drawing parallels with Coinbase’s successful IPO, which reached a valuation of $86 billion, Jones speculates that if Ripple achieves a similar valuation, coupled with its $21 billion XRP holdings, its combined valuation could reach a remarkable $107 billion, almost 20 times its current market value. Jones also contemplates the possibility of XRP’s price surging to its all-time high of $3.60, potentially driving Ripple‘s valuation to $126 billion. In line with tech giants like Nvidia, Apple, and Amazon, Ripple’s alignment with prominent enterprises could lead to a valuation of half a trillion dollars, suggesting a substantial 20-fold increase in its stock value.

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The Proper Party on September 28th promises to be an event of considerable significance for Ripple and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the world awaits potential IPO news and XRP token value revelations, Linda P. Jones’ insights underscore the remarkable potential for Ripple’s stock value to skyrocket, offering investors an exciting opportunity in the blockchain space.

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