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Ripple’s IPO Outlook: Wall Street Expert Sees $140k Potential for $10k Investment

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  • Wall Street financial expert Linda Jones endorses Ripple as a robust pre-IPO investment, predicting a substantial ROI for investors.
  • Jones underlines that Ripple’s current valuation of $6.6 billion is ripe for explosive growth, offering examples to back her claims.

The Investment Potential in Ripple’s Upcoming IPO

As the crypto world buzzes with speculation about Ripple‘s imminent Initial Public Offering (IPO), Wall Street’s Linda Jones has stoked the flames of investor interest. Speaking at a recent Linqto investor meetup, Jones contended that Ripple’s shares, currently priced around $40, represent a prime investment opportunity ahead of the company’s IPO. The insights were later disseminated to a wider audience by Digital Asset Investor, a prominent XRP proponent.

Jones highlights that Ripple‘s valuation stands at approximately $6.6 billion, urging investors to see beyond the $40 share price and instead focus on the inherent value encapsulated within the firm. Based on data presented, there is a 98% probability that Ripple will go public, enhancing its prospects for massive capital influx and operational expansion.

Ripple vs. Coinbase: A Comparative Assessment

Jones didn’t just wax poetic about Ripple‘s investment promise; she supported her views with a compelling comparative analysis. She referenced Coinbase, a leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, which debuted on the public market with an $86 billion valuation. In this light, Ripple’s current valuation is about ten times lower than Coinbase’s at the time of its IPO.

By this metric, Jones argues that a $10,000 investment in Ripple today could multiply to a $100,000 value post-IPO, even without Ripple outclassing Coinbase’s track record. She elaborates that Ripple’s potential to eclipse Coinbase is intrinsically linked to how it currently values its XRP holdings. Specifically, Ripple assigns a zero value to its XRP asset on its balance sheet—a conservative accounting practice that significantly underrepresents the firm’s actual worth.

If Ripple were to appraise its XRP holdings at the current market price of $0.5 per token, its valuation—and subsequently the stock price—would soar. Furthermore, if Ripple were to adjust its balance sheet valuation based on XRP’s all-time high of approximately $3.84, the implications would be nothing short of seismic. A $10,000 investment today could not only grow over tenfold but has the potential to skyrocket to $140,000.

In summary, the Wall Street expert’s stance is unequivocal: Ripple’s IPO offers a rare investment window that could yield astronomical returns, given the company’s undervalued assets and market potential.

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