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Ripple (XRP) to Beat Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon in Performance, According to Goldman Sachs

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  • Raoul Pal, ex-Goldman Sachs executive, argues that blockchain technology offers investors more direct ownership and a larger slice of the market than traditional tech stocks.
  • Pal identifies blockchain’s ability to impose scarcity in a digital realm of endless abundance as a major factor in the potential for crypto market cycles to dwarf those of tech stocks.

The “Network Effect” Amplified by Blockchain

Raoul Pal, former Wall Street insider turned Real Vision CEO, recently revealed his compelling thesis on why cryptocurrencies are positioned to outperform traditional tech stocks in the long run. During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on YouTube, Pal laid out a fundamental distinction that sets blockchain assets apart: ownership of network value rather than mere shares in companies.

“In traditional tech ecosystems, individuals typically have to own shares in companies, representing only a fraction of the network’s full value,” Pal explains. “Contrast that with blockchain, where owning a token grants you direct ownership in the network itself.”

Let’s unpack that. Blockchain technology operates as a decentralized, distributed database, safeguarded by cryptography. In a blockchain network, tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum are essentially digital assets that serve multiple functions, including that of a ‘share’ in the overall network’s value. This dynamic drastically shifts the ownership paradigm.

Scarcity: A Digital Game Changer

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In an age where digitalization is rampant, creating an endless horizon of abundance, blockchain introduces a critical component: scarcity.

“Most digital assets lack intrinsic scarcity, meaning their value can degrade over time due to oversupply,”

notes Pal.

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“Blockchain technology is a game-changer in this regard, as it imposes a finite limit on assets like Bitcoin, creating inherent value.”

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But the genius of blockchain doesn’t end there. Pal further elaborates that the investment upside in crypto assets could be significantly greater than that in traditional technology stocks. Why? Because you are not just buying into large, already-established companies with capped growth prospects.

“In the crypto ecosystem, you’re effectively owning a slice of a technology’s entire future monetization potential,”

he argues. For example, owning a token in a blockchain protocol gives you a stake in every transaction, smart contract, or service that protocol powers, making the growth dynamics of crypto assets “much bigger” than traditional tech stocks, according to Pal.

By offering direct, meaningful ownership in a network, coupled with the ability to create digital scarcity, blockchain and its associated assets not only provide a compelling investment avenue but also have the potential to redefine how we conceptualize value and ownership in the digital age.

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