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Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA) Look Like They’re Getting Ready for Moon Shot!

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The cryptocurrency market is currently witnessing a phase of stability and positive momentum, as indicated by the recent performance of major digital assets. This trend is largely influenced by the latest PCE inflation data, which has seemingly boosted market confidence. Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship cryptocurrency, has started December on a strong note, adding 0.28% to its price over the last 24 hours and trading at $38,183.11. This uptick is part of a broader trend that has seen BTC’s price increase by over 2% in the past week. This positive movement in Bitcoin’s price reflects the overall bullish sentiment in the crypto market and sets a promising backdrop for other cryptocurrencies. In this context, Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and the emerging ScapesMania are garnering significant attention.

Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA) really do seem as if they are poised for an incredible moon shot as both these coins have the potential to rise to astronomical heights if they continue their current momentum. Let’s take a look at the promising duo and evaluate a potential super-earner in ScapesMania.


  • ScapesMania: Emerging in its presale phase with innovative revenue streams and strong security backing.
  • Ripple (XRP): Facing a pivotal moment due to its significant legal battle with the SEC.
  • Cardano (ADA): Navigating market challenges with key resistance at $0.38.

ScapesMania: A Rising Star in the Crypto Universe

Many crypto experts pick ScapesMania as the best new project of 2023 and beyond. It manages to separate itself from the competition by offering holders a multitude of revenue streams and high potential ROIs during presale.

Companies and individual crypto traders looking for fast potential gains should definitely look into ScapesMania’s proposition. Once the presale finishes, the price will soar, securing possible returns in the range of 400-500%. Right now, there’s an active discount of close to 85%, but it won’t last forever – the clock is ticking and all interested in leveraging this offer need to act fast.

When dissecting the tokenomics and other features of ScapesMania, it becomes clear that it’s the best altcoin to hold now. The innovative gaming-related core idea, impressive presale numbers, $150,000 giveaway, undying social media hype, and other positive aspects can guarantee that ScapesMania will continue on its winning journey, so it makes sense to get involved as soon as possible.

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Ripple (XRP): Navigating Through Legal Tides and Market Currents

The Ripple (XRP) landscape is currently marked by a significant legal battle with the SEC, a scenario that has kept investors and market watchers on edge. The recent confidential SEC meeting, as reported by CoinGape, has intensified speculation about the possible outcomes of the Ripple-SEC case. This legal confrontation has reached a critical phase, with a substantial fine looming over Ripple, potentially exceeding $700 million.

Ripple (XRP) is navigating through a complex market environment. The current price range of $0.538-$0.711, with a 10-Days Moving Average at $0.613 and a 100-Days Moving Average at $0.550, indicates a volatile market. The support levels at $0.298 and $0.470, coupled with resistance levels at $0.815 and $0.988, suggest a market that is grappling with both bullish and bearish sentiments.

Looking ahead, Ripple (XRP) faces a challenging yet potentially rewarding future. The resolution of the SEC case could be a pivotal moment, either propelling the currency to new heights or imposing significant setbacks. The market’s response to whale movements and legal developments will be crucial in shaping Ripple (XRP) trajectory. If Ripple (XRP) can navigate through these legal hurdles successfully, there is potential for significant growth.

Cardano (ADA): Charting a Path Through Market Resistance

Cardano (ADA) is currently experiencing a unique market situation. As per TronWeekly, only 35% of Cardano (ADA) holders are in profit, a stark contrast to other leading blockchain protocols. This indicates potential challenges for Cardano (ADA) investors, even amidst bullish market trends. The on-chain data reveals a key resistance level at $0.38, with a significant amount of Cardano (ADA) acquired at this point, suggesting a formidable barrier to upward movement.

Cardano’s (ADA) price dynamics are intriguing, with a current price range of $0.303-$0.428. The 10-Days Moving Average stands at $0.383, and the 100-Days Moving Average is at $0.291. Support levels are identified at $0.106 and $0.231, while resistance levels are at $0.481 and $0.606.

The future for Cardano (ADA) seems to hinge on its ability to break through the $0.38 resistance level. Overcoming this barrier could lead to a boost in holder profits and potentially trigger a more substantial upward price movement. However, the fact that a majority of Cardano (ADA) holders are currently not in profit presents a challenge. The market sentiment around Cardano (ADA) will need to shift more positively for it to capitalize on favorable market conditions and align with the successes of other top protocols.


The cryptocurrency market is in a phase of cautious optimism, with Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA) being key players to watch. The outcome of Ripple (XRP) legal battle with the SEC and Cardano (ADA) market maneuvers will be crucial in determining their future trajectories. ScapesMania, with its unique approach and promising presale, adds an interesting dimension to the crypto landscape.

Even if the better-known coins are poised to reach for the moon, it is ScapesMania that shows the most promise. If most predictions are true, this innovative project can show so much more than its initial promise of x5 post-listing.

Site: https://scapesmania.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScapesMania

Telegram: https://t.me/scapesmania

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